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  1. Nice find Chris! I love coin shooting, its how I got into gold prospecting years back. I would love to take my son out with a great coin machine and keep him busy. Coin shooting for kids is like taking them out fishing in uncle Ricks fish pond, lots of bites keep the entertainment going. When the attention span runs long enough I can take them out and dig my holes for me so they can see some nugs
  2. Nuggetslayer

    Chris, Joe?

    Bob if you go to photobucket.com the account is free, only takes a second to load them up. Also, its nice because you can re-size your pictures...
  3. Nuggetslayer

    Chris, Joe?

    I had the same problem Bob...I just put my pictures in my photobucket account and hit the little tree there on the bar with all the stuff like my media, size and font crap. just put them in your photobukcet click on direct ling copies it auto for you and slap on a picture in two seconds
  4. Lucky and I went out a few times this week, and were able to add to the pokes. We had a really good week, but he beat me by a pennyweight again. This week proved to me how out of shape I'm in, dogs barking, tired, and sore! Lucky has me beat on years, but he can hike me into the dirt. This patch has been fun, and the nuggets are cool as we can find nuggets 5' apart that look like they are from different areas altogether. Good news is I found enough to get me a new pair of hiking shoes, because three miles doesn't sound far, but its up hill both ways unless ya wanna go through poison oak alley . Here is a pic of gold we got this week, Lucky got me on size and weight, but I think I got him on numbers and holes dug lol his are on his famous scale, mine are my handful 21dwt even on mine. Thanks for the trips Lucky, had a blast, and ready for the next rodeo
  5. Nuggetslayer

    A nice cornflake...

    Nice gold you found, sounds like you might need to run the Minelab through that area as well.
  6. sometimes ya gotta weed out the 1/4 and 1/2 nugs to get to the big ones. Looks like your poke is getting pretty nice and fat! keep at it
  7. Nuggetslayer

    Big Deep One

    Nice looking gold! You are very close to the source just judging the gold. Keep them coming...
  8. Nuggetslayer

    Stolen Gold

    The other was in Yreka, but I doubt they are reselling the actual pieces. It sucks because I love gold, and I just know they are melting it down hours apart so it can't be identified. With that said, if a place has millions of dollars in gold, put up security, even if a lil nug has to be sold. Gotta take one for the team
  9. Nuggetslayer

    I blanked...

    Nice finds guys! If we had the gold we have driven over or walked over, we could retire lol
  10. That's a nice one! congrats...
  11. Nice shooting, them are some fine looking nugs! Poke looks to be shaping up quick
  12. Nuggetslayer

    September Gold

    Nice summertime poke! Really like the wire gold too
  13. Nuggetslayer


    Didn't trust the banks or the government, but looks like it will end up with them anyways. Hope they can track down the family or at least put a good effort out for him.
  14. Guess my poke is headed to my buyer. My daughter is turning 8 in a couple days, and wants a big birthday. My friends and family get a kick out of me prospecting. They think its funny I can pay for things I do and want with the gold I find. Great conversation starters. I looks like I gotta get to work on new poke here before to long
  15. Good shooting, not a bad day at all! Them nails keep us strong lol