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  1. deathray

    2nd 2 nugget day!!

    way to go!Your killin it!!
  2. Great weather today...the nugget is icing on the cake
  3. Nice report Steve! That's the size gold I get near my house...but with the gb pro. The waterproof feature is a big selling point for me, as I often cross a small river that gets waist deep with swift current, and am alwsys worried about taking a dunk with my detector.
  4. Your doing really good!!
  5. Right on ! That sucker has a lot of character!
  6. Haha, I figured as much Scott. As hard as you work it, you deserve a couple easy ones!
  7. Dang...it doesn't come that easy for me, lol.
  8. deathray

    A few hours...

    Some nice, rough gold. Good job guys.
  9. You working on a Dodge?? Gotta do the same thing again as soon as possible.
  10. Nice nugget!! That gb pro is sweet ain't it!
  11. Dang, your killing it Scott!!