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  1. Any thing out there like the old LR2000 to search new and old claims?
  2. I came across and cought this one two weeks ago and he was about 5 1/2' +, with an attitude to go with it. I catch these and skin them and put it on canes. This one I let go becuse it was a little to big, but was good eatin size. Since then I have seen two to more and bigger. Still finding gold but I am a lot more carful when out there, and you all should be too. Dave
  3. Got these a few days ago in Az. with my 3500,
  4. This is the total in two days. Four where in one hole, It is turning out to be a good spot.
  5. I am having a problem with Google Earth. It has been coming with a shaded area over most of the earth with a big red x on it. Is any body having the same problem? Thanks Dave
  6. digger dave

    Google Earth

    Thanks to all for your help. Joseph I did what you said about unchecking in left and in Power Pack I found Topos checked and I unchecked it and it went away. Good one Kelly about it had something to do with Submarines. I started to think maybe you had something there. LOL. Thanks again Dave
  7. Has any one replaced the factory green ground button switch with a after market button switch. I have two from Radio Shack but they have two wires and the factory one has three. There was a button switch that you could be installed on the 2200s but it had two wires. If any one has done the switch, how did you do it and where did you get the push button switch? Dave
  8. I know Larry and Sue real well we have done a lot of hunting together. I have three of his books, one first edition and two of his last editions signed by Larry. I learned a lot from Larry and Sue. I even got a Bone and Crocket Ram with his help. I had no idea that his books go for so much.
  9. Here are some pics of gold and other things we found in the Arizona this winter. The first pic is of a wash I found that had been worked by the old timers but not detected. I worked for 9 days and pulled out 54 nuggets for a total of over 1 3/4oz. The second one is from a wash I had worked some 6 years ago and in 2hrs I got 11 nuggets for a total of over 3/4oz, one nugget was a 1/2oz. The 3rd is from our friends claim and is just over 1/3oz. The 4th is from our fiends claim also and the 3 nuggets from left to right is a 5.43oz. a 17.6dwt and the last is a 9dwt. We found some kritters, and I did not eat the chuckawalla lizard, he came home with us. The weather was a little rough and it rained some. My wife got some pics of me diggin and findin gold. Hope you all enjoy and may it give you the urge to go get some gold. I am countin the days when I can get back and find more.
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    GP3500 W/Extras

    Hay thanks a lot Bill. I really appreciate the help. This is what makes the hobby so great ,the way every body helps each other. Have a good one. Digger Dave
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    GP3500 W/Extras

    Thanks for getting back to me so fast. I was wanting to know where you got the external speakers from, so I can order them if you had sold the ones you had. Thanks again Digger Dave
  12. digger dave

    GP3500 W/Extras

    Where and what Is the dual speaker system you have and will you sell it by its self and how much? Dose the external speakers use a curly cord? Thanks Digger Dave
  13. Hi Bearkat4160, I live in Rogue River, Oregon and do some detecting. I would like to get together and do some detecting around the area, let me know if you would like to get together. Here are some pic's of gold I have found Digger Dave
  14. Hi Bearkat4160, I live in Rogue River, Oregon and do some detecting. I would like to get together and do some detecting around the area, let me know if you would like to get together. Digger Dave