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  1. Get your orders in kids.... these things are opening up new patches, like we experienced each time a new GPX was released, then a GPZ etc... amazing results are coming in.... https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=590492#p590492
  2. Jennifer Bond

    GPX 5000 & Coils

    Super excited for you Bob, thanks for sharing your results. I'm very happy to hear my guidance worked out, you won't be disappointed in that coil, Evo's are my favorite and have found me lots of color.... and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, see page 2 of the below link for a 25" DD Chris sold me.. in fact I just ordered one of their new Z Search coils for my GPZ which should be fun to use on my pounded patches... welcome to Evo ownership.
  3. Jennifer Bond

    AZO Office Closed Next Week

    Thanks for getting my item shipped before leaving, have fun.
  4. Jennifer Bond

    GPX 5000 & Coils

    Agree with Chris, only add would be that if you're a relic hunter, hold onto a DD for discrimination. Jen (super excited as my new Nugget Finder Z-Search coil Chris sent should be here today scratch that, just checked, won't be here till Tuesday... Yay, thanks again Chris)
  5. Jennifer Bond

    GPX 5000 & Coils

    Sell them all and buy a Nugget Finder Evolution.... once you put one of them on, you'll never use any of the others..... ask me how I know..... if you don't want to do that and want to use one you have, depending on where you are the elliptical is handy for under and between scrub. Jen
  6. Mine is arriving this week or next, anyone else here have one yet, how are you liking it? Great reviews from Australia and a LOT lighter. https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=587396#p587396 Jen
  7. Excellent article...... https://www.kellycodetectors.com/pages/metal-detecting-as-a-tool-for-ptsd-recovery/ Jen
  8. .........right into an area swept with a detector.
  9. Jennifer Bond

    Another Mystery Target

    Looks like my joke about a glass eye wasn't too far off.. lol
  10. Jennifer Bond

    Another Mystery Target

    You found someone's glass eye.
  11. This one is designed for 30 ton per hour... according to Heckle's web site.
  12. Here's a video of this actual unit running a sampling run up on a buddy's claim in Idaho, gold shown at the end.
  13. lol... you're two steps ahead of me.