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  1. http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t25940-aftermarket-for-gpz
  2. http://time.com/5202...-cargo-takeoff/ https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/16/world/europe/russia-plane-gold.html
  3. Heeeee's baaaaaaaaack!!!!! Wooo hoooo boy n goyles... grab the popcorn..... USMiner's back with another super awesome videos You may recall all his HUGE nugget find videos (check out the rest of his channel for those). I'm pretty sure I've watched them all at least a dozen times, great info, very motivating to get out there and dig big nuggets. Don't miss his GPZ/GPX with Evo coil video... Nice to see you back Jason...... keep them coming. Jen
  4. Woo Hoo... I just accepted a new position and need to spend a sign on bonus... if anyone out there has a new or near new GPX-5000, I'm looking to add one to my harem. Let me know what you have and your price, you can PM me on this site. Thanks all. Jen
  5. Jennifer Bond

    Great weekend hunt!

    Those tears will dry up the minute you start digging that first GPX nugget, and be replaced by an entirely new set of tears, of happiness.
  6. Jennifer Bond

    Great weekend hunt!

    Agreed 100%, I've had several 4500's and they're GREAT machines....
  7. Jennifer Bond

    Chunky gold & quartz specimen!

    Beautiful, thank you for posting.
  8. Jennifer Bond

    Great weekend hunt!

    .... and please don't jump straight to a 7k, the 4500/4800/5000 platform is AWESOME....
  9. Jennifer Bond

    Great weekend hunt!

    However you make it happen, you won't regret the decision. I think Chis takes kids as partial payment, as long as they're out of diapers and able to mow lawns or shovel snow. Jen
  10. Jennifer Bond

    Great weekend hunt!

    Thank you VERY much for this post Chris, it's nice to see you posting again... great nuggets, and it's NICE to see the GPX kicking it out there. I'm hanging up my 7000 and 19" coil for a while and picking up another 5000 as my chosen detector. Let me know if you get a good used package in, a 5k and an Evo etc. Nice work. Jen
  11. Jennifer Bond

    For Sale: Minelab GPZ-7000

    It's not mine...
  12. Jennifer Bond

    FS: Minelab Pro-Find 25

    Price Lowered: $80.00 shipped... collecting dust now that I have the 35.
  13. Jennifer Bond

    Tried a new spot

    WOW.... what a treasure trove you found.... cool stuff... Gold is easy to find Chris, stuff like that is unique.