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    19 ounce monster

    You're welcome Dean.... Jen
  2. WOW... had a serious blond moment on the weekend, sharing in the hopes it saves you doing the same... LOL I own several parcels of land in various rich areas and have had an ongoing issue with ATV'ers (that I won't get into, answer questions about etc here). Well this weekend I thought I'd try out the new Kubota and decommission one of the roads through the property (yes, I know they can go around, I"m giving them an indicator it's private land, I have no false beliefs it will stop them, this is one step in many that the Sheriff and I are taking to resolve this issue).... well as I was preparing to dig, my neighbor says to me "where's your detector"... I'm like "At home, today is a Kubota day, not detecting day silly" TOTALLY failing to make the connection that if you dig a hole in gold country for ANY reason, you don't walk away from it without swinging coil.... and went about my business..... within an hour of finishing, I watched two people (Yes, I know who you both are and I'd recommend taking Don's advise re what he said to you when he saw you loading up, you didn't see me like you told him, but I did see you, the Sheriff has both your names (J & W and photos of your ATV/bike and tread patterns..grin)...you were both vapor trails by the time I'd got to where you stopped, I didn't know a Suburban with a trailer could travel so fast..LOL) but I digress. 🤣 I get home and am chatting with a friend... and of course hear... "Did you check the trench before leaving?" OK.. now I'm really thinking "dang..." so it was late, I left it.... and went back the next morning..... It's wild having swung on ground so long where you have to listen so hard to every little faint sound "is that a nugget, is that one" to squeek out one or two and then go to a freshly dug trench, step down into the trench of virgin dirt and BLAAAAAAAAAA BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BLAAAAAAAAAAAAA blowing your ear off like it would have been for the old timers with the first detectors... Yea, I guess I'm calling SD and early detectorists old timers now.. lol. Anyway... the moral of the story... if you are playing on your tractor in gold country..... "Don't walk away Renee", you may be leaving almost 4 grams behind for trespassers to find.... lol Jen IMG_6940.mov IMG_6946.mov
  3. The nuggets can't hide from me now... today I added an 84" box scraper to start taking the surface off and find more of those beauties.... times like these are when I love having an 8' bed for the truck (the other item is a Bobcat auger for putting fence posts in on the property) Jen
  4. Tell me you didn't really call it the "G Spot"? OY VEY!!!! (in my best Jewish princess voice)... Doc you crack me up.. I can't imagine the full on domestics you're about to fire up when wives walk into their living rooms and happen to notice the Google results when their prospector husband does a search for "G Spot Scoop"... it ain't gonna be pretty..LOL Jen
  5. Some have asked what Kubota I purchased and what attachments... it's a Kubota M62 with a 12" bucket for trenching, a 24" bucket for larger trenches/moving dirt into the plant and a ripper for calichi breaking.
  6. K, I'll give you that one. If you were local, I'd definitely help you out where I could. Jen
  7. To you as well Matt... and I mean that...to both of you... It takes a good team to drag a mini ex up that canyon and get out that kind of gold (one of your first video's I saw)... you both have my respect..have had for a long time. Jen
  8. To the rest of you... have a wonderful, save and happy New Year..... may you find lots of gold next year. Jen
  9. Sounds good Matt.. just don't feel threatened by his obvious attraction to me, he's still yours. LOL
  10. That’s the plan eventually.... putting in infrastructure (ponds, plant etc) at present.
  11. Haha... I can't help it if your "special friend/bestie" keeps walking RUNNING into embarrassing situations, when it would be so simple to just ignore my VERY infrequent posts... So your "here it goes again" comment could best be placed as a response to his obviously uninformed and unintelligent "blue stake" comment, but I know you're both extremely close so I understand your loyalty. One day he'll learn that posting smart comments of no value to my posts only serves to embarrass himself, and his obvious unbridled lust for me should be spent on chasing someone more at his intellectual level, as he's obviously punching WAY above his class with me, (which I continue to show at his every invite). I'm not sure the sadistic pleasure he takes in his continuing to pound his head into his fantasies of my bosom yet to be forever disappointed.... Granted.... it's understandable, a blond with a Kubota, a GPZ, good ground and proven track record of large results? I can't blame him but he'd get a lot further by being nice than by being a little b*tch, after all, it's been 10 years since you both started this game. There's an old saying..... you should encourage him to follow....Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt. Maybe this video will help....
  12. It's actually called "Arizona 811" Adam, but thanks for reminding us what 2015 looked like, great movie, I hope your hike went well. http://www.arizona811.com/news/arizona-blue-stake-is-now-arizona-811/ https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5489124/
  13. Great idea, but craving avocado's now.. yummm Have snapped three of those stupid hard pseudo hinges on my Zed so nice to see an option. Jen
  14. Merry X'mas Doc.... hope you both (and family) have a happy holiday season. Jen
  15. Sir Christopher, fine chap, duth thoust haveth in thine possession said fine examples of workmanship for our partaketh?
  16. Now lets see one with the new NF X-25
  17. Wow...... why am I overcome with the urge to say "Coil? That's not a coil....... this is a coil" in my best Aussie accent.... whew.... that's YUUUGE. A shot I've not seen yet, you think the 19" GPZ coil is large? PS: Chris... please tell me how the hell you get me things like almost before I order them... you are UNBELIEVABLE when it comes to shipping and responsiveness...thank you so much.. I just ordered this yesterday, damn!!! Shop with Chris guys/gals, you will NOT be dissapointed. Jen
  18. Thanks for the great chat Chris and for getting the new coil out.. I'm looking forward to a repeat of this event (link below, getting a nice nuggie right after purchasing a new coil from you, you bring me luck). (credit to Stevewilko for the photo, https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=509498#p509498)
  19. Well I clearly mis-spoke because I just found the perfect use for this coil, have they landed here in any other sizes yet Chris, I'm ready to order the 25 in the mean time, you have my cell number, please call me. PS: Nice seeing you out in the gold fields again. Jen
  20. Jennifer Bond

    WTB, GPX 5000 harness

    Kind of like you! Sorry did I say that out loud? 🤭 You have to admit, you walked, (scratch that)... RAN into that one. Have a nice day. Jen
  21. Selling my GPZ 7000 so need a new harness to use on my 5000 and my 4500, tell me what you have. Thanks Jen
  22. Jennifer Bond

    WTB, GPX 5000 harness

    PM sent, thanks Joe. Jen
  23. Jennifer Bond

    WTB, GPX 5000 harness

    Thank you, am out detecting, will pm when I get back to camp. Not really in distress but like all my gear complete Jen