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    The Australian Expedition 2009

    Redbeard, yes it's in Victoria. Bendigo and Ballarat are near an area called the "Golden Triangle" just Northwest of Melbourne (affectionatly pronounced similar to "Melburn like bun, with almost a silent R not Melborne as in born"... like "Cairns is pronounced "Cans not Karnes" Great page on the area with map: http://www.finders.com.au/gold-pages/centr...olden-triangle/ Melb: Cairns: Jen
  2. Jennifer Bond

    The Australian Expedition 2009

    Looks like you had a great trip, did you smuggle back a bottle of Bundy Rum... <licking lips>... that stuff is great. Keep us posted if you arrange another group trip... Jen
  3. Jennifer Bond

    prospecting book

    My pleasure Jim.... I just replied to a thread on the Minelabowners forums regarding someone just ordering one of JP's DVD's and was telling him to order the rest he'll enjoy them so much. I also used the opportunity to spread how happy I am with your books and how well the books and DVD's compliment each other. I've pasted a link to the post below. Link to post on Minelabowners Forum Have a great day Jim... Jennifer
  4. Jennifer Bond

    prospecting book

    Wes and Jim... two things..... first, Wes the book arrive, what a FANTASTIC deal I got on that package, thank you very much..... second for Jim....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU...I received your package and felt like a kid at X'mas. What an awesome addition to my reading collection. Your books are like the reading version of Jonathan Porter and Jack Lange's DVD's combined. They were exactly what I was looking for, I picked them up at my mailbox in the US and could NOT resist reading as I drove home, who knows how many people bounced off my car into the bushes, they're so addictive.. I've already sent the info on them to a few people who I know will love them as much as me and can purchase at the detector shop/web site of their choice. Thanks Wes for turning me onto Jim and thank you Jim for absolutely incredible reading... Jennifer (in reading heaven) Bond
  5. For those day's that it's just too bloody hot to go detecting (I miss those days, don't see many "too hot to go out" days in Canada), here's a movie recommendation for you... it's in line with other Aussie classics like the Castle. The Nugget, about three mates and their detector..... funny as heck... you can rent it at Blockbuster online and other places and see bits of it on Youtube. Movie Trailer Enjoy Jennifer
  6. Jennifer Bond

    23 oz. to the ton

    Hi Brett, welcome to the forum.. nice to see you on... great question..... am equally curious about the answer.. I say we just get off our lazy arses and take our detectors up there for the weekend... I may go up this weekend as it's along weekend for me (as you know I work for a Yank company so get American holidays)... temps are suppose to be almost 30 in Lilly this weekend. Jen
  7. Happy Birthday Chris... I'm sure I can speak for all of us when I wish you an awesome day and happy hunting in the gold fields (if that's where you're spending it).... Eat lots of cake.... Jen
  8. Jennifer Bond

    prospecting book

    Hi Jim, I'm going to take you up on that offer.... I just bought the above mentioned book from Wes as well as a copy of your drywasher book. I'll PM you my mailing address. Jim can I purchase your other book (you have three, correct) directly from you? Thanks guys Jennifer
  9. Jennifer Bond

    prospecting book

    Hi Jim, do you have a website that you sell your books on? I stumbled across another one you wrote that I'm interested in.... Link: Detecting dry placer. Thanks Jen
  10. Hi all... thanks for the welcome....gotgold, yes that's me.... John, I'm on their forums/board but not officially a member.. great bunch of guys and gals though. Jen
  11. Hi folks... are there any others on this forum from British Columbia? I use to live down in AZ (Fountain Hills, before that Australia) but have since relocated back to BC where I own several gold claims that I hope to use my GPX-4500 (I own an E-Trac as well) on. I'm on the Minelabowners forums as well as the Nugget Hunter forums but just signed up here. I'm just wondering if there are any other BC folks here? Here are some links to some of the pics of my claims.... they're in the BC version of the Golden Triangle so I'm looking forward to working them (I just bought them). http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=1055...mp;l=e70c2072b7 http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=1055...mp;l=a132bdb2ab http://www.jenniferbond.com/docs/detecting...aim%20Pictures/ Jen
  12. Hi Gary, thanks for the welcome.... we don't have many rattlers here in BC, we're more Bear and Cougar country...grin
  13. Thanks Lunk... I miss AZ but will probably never go back.. it's changed a little bit toooooo much for my liking ┬┐entienda? Jen
  14. Idaho once, she was pretty good... ba ba boom... (sound of clashing cymbals). But in all seriousness... thanks Coeur... I lived down South of you in Nampa, near Boise for awhile, beautiful country. Jen
  15. Hi Eric, thanks for the great pictures... looks like I'll have to buy some snorkeling gear for my claims up near Lillooet. What model detector do you have? I'm using a Minelab PI and an E-Trac, I also live in the Vancouver area. Jennifer
  16. Hi Lost, I'm in Vancouver and the claims are in the Cariboo area, near Kamloops/Fraser River, still considered Southern BC. At times I miss living in Arizona and the heat (wasn't into detecting then), it can be awful cold here at times... maybe I'll have to take a trip down to the AZ fields at some point. To Chris and the others, thank you for the warm welcome, I'm glad to add this board to my collection of places to get knowledge. Everyone I've met on all the boards (minelabowners, nuggethunters etc) have been awesome.... Jen
  17. Hi Don, nope, we're not permitted to use dredges in British Columbia (without all but impossible to get permits in non fish bearing streams)..... GPX-4500 and a high banker possibly. Jen
  18. Thanks Tony... by the way, do you know a retired officer from Manteca PD by the name of Les Flores? An old mate of mine from my K-9 days. Jen