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    WTB, GPX 5000 harness

    Still looking....
  2. Awesome, thanks for sharing.
  3. Nope, never swung a detector in my life, but yes, you're right, as my tolerance to male cow feces (an example being your comments) grows lower, I have in fact chose to stop wasting my time on various forums, (some I've paid to support via cash and/or content) by contributing valued content and my contributions being replied to with childish behavior and useless bickering by most, case in point, again, your comments. If you've "seen me around" you'd know I post on and support Aussie forums http://golddetecting.forumotion.net/t26577-a-little-arizona-au-for-your-viewing-pleasure I'm sure you know the saying, those who brag about it, aren't getting any, those who are, keep it to themselves. I don't feel the need to swing from some pseudo third appendage with countless posts about my recoveries or contributions to the hobby. I prefer to focus on quality participation to the hobby, not wasted fluffy quantity not quality posts, including recently donating over $1,200.00 to an Aussie bush saving cause to protect the ground we detect on (how much did you say you donated?)... but to answer your question, nope, I've never swung a detector in my life and nope, I've never touched a nugget that I never purchased. Nope, never owned several mining operations in the British Columbia gold fields, nope, never owned the only remaining hydraulic mining operation in BC, Canada, Nope..... never flown to Australia several times to detect and given up a 6 figure job to detect full time, never held a Victoria, Australia fossicking license/mining license for the past 4 years and good till 2025 and am a paid up for the next 3 plus years of the PMAV (Victoria, Aus mining association).... sheesh, I feel like I've missed out on so much, most women my age have accomplished so much more and contributed so much more to the hobby. Should you feel qualified to provide a rebuttal to this post, I eagerly await the challenge, but you're out of your league when it comes to smart comments like you felt the need to share, I will not be responding, out of respect for Chris and his other members here, and I would prefer to be just left alone, because posts like yours are why I chose to make decisions like above, to give my efforts where appreciated, off shore... have a great weekend. PS: That all being said, what forums I participate in, or stop participating in is none of your concern, focus on your own life, not mine. Jen (No, I haven't fallen in a mine shaft, I'm still finding the ounces, I just no longer feel the need to talk about it on American forums)
  4. 19" NF EVO all the way. You can't find a nugget at any depth if your coil is so big that you can't get it between the scrub to get over the gold or it's back in the car out of frustration.
  5. For what my opinion is worth, as much as I keep buying these big coils (then selling them at a loss after doing nothing more than banging bushes), I always end up back at a smaller elliptical, they're just so much handier for under scrub poking.... now hopefully they don't come out with a 25" elliptical, then I'll really have a dilemma.... joking aside, I have yet to see some place here in America where the size of this makes up for the frustration of it getting caught on everything around it... and Chris knows, I'll jump at any opportunity to give him my money, but under 20" Evo ellipi's still are my weapon of choice (with the 7000 collecting dust in the closet) as the photos in this link show works for me. http://golddetecting.forumotion.net/t26577-a-little-arizona-au-for-your-viewing-pleasure#256556 Now that all being said.... get ready kids... once people start letting the secret out, that's going to be deadly in WA and when I come across land that looks like this photo below, here in the US, I'd be the first to buy one. Jennifer (No, I haven't fallen in a mine shaft, I'm still finding the ounces, I just no longer talk about it on American forums).
  6. Even with Chris having a picture of his daughter holding it as a model and the highly probable chance she may want to show friends ect this neat picture of herself on dad's website and thus the incredibly high risk she may see your comment and at the very least, cause her to ask "what does he mean" and put Chris in a difficult spot, if she doesn't figure it out on her own... you still could not resist? That's an interesting way to introduce yourself to the community considering it's only your second post.... It's crazy times we live in. PS: Welcome to the forum.
  7. I just wish we had the same clearings here big enough for large coils like that. I've owned several of the 20" plus NF coils and just never was lucky enough to be on ground open enough to swing one... but it sure would be great for a dozer push I'm working on this Summer... hmmmmmmmm Let us know when you have pricing... thanks Chris. Jen
  8. This is NOT good news and pray that the tree hugging snowflakes on this side of the pond don't get any ideas!!!!!!!!! http://golddetecting.forumotion.net/t26551-2019-bendigo-ballarat-11-other-councils-seeking-world-heritage-listing-for-victorian-goldfields?_branch_match_id=666777127349818728 Some pics from one of my trips in 2014. Jen
  9. Yup Chris, those are the fields we both love and know so well..... those are the ones we're trying to save.... nice specie.... Take care Jen
  10. If anyones interested in making a donation, I may be interested in matching you.... keep in mind, I'm poor white trash so am not rich, but if you are thinking about it, and need a push over the ledge... let me know.... let's show them aussies that we care. Jen
  11. All those awesome pictures we google at of HUGE finds down under folks....... will be no more!!!!! All those dreams of trips down... will be no more..... Take my lead..... (I've blurred out the amount I donated cus that's not why I'm posting this)... let's show them that those of us on this side of the pond care as well, they're already feeling the guilt burn of being outdone buy a yank, let's keep it going... a little rivalry to save the gold fields... $1.00 or whatever you can spare.... let's help them save us all!!!!!! Show them that all of us who fly down there and detect on THEIR land, are not just takers..... we want to give back... https://www.gofundme.com/xtuq3-bush-user-groups-united?utm_medium=email&utm_source=product&utm_campaign=p_email%2B5332-donation-receipt-adyen&utm_content=internal Jen
  12. Jennifer Bond

    Backyard Surprise!

    When it comes to snakes in AZ, as far as I'm concerned they're all racers cus the minute I see one, everything for 360 degrees around me is a 1/4 mile track and I'm already at the other end of it.... I'll send the national guard in to retrieve my detector..
  13. I encourage any of you who think that before you'll leave this planet that you hope to at least once experience that once in a lifetime opportunity to spend time on the Victoria Goldfields reach into the couch cushions and if you find a couple extra dollars, here is the GoFundMe for this cause... they have a Facebook page as well, I'm no on Facebook but have confirmed, this is the correct link: https://www.gofundme.com/xtuq3-bush-user-groups-united?utm_medium=email&utm_source=product&utm_campaign=p_email%2B5332-donation-receipt-adyen&utm_content=internal If we don't stop this feces NOW, it will be a firestorm of proportions we won't be able to stop..... the tree huggers in BC are already talkina about making EVERY area with chinese washed rocks a historical site, that's the entire length of the Fraser River, I lost one GREAT claim in BC called the Haylmore claim because it was turned into a historical site... We need to stop this!!!!!!! Before it's too late.... help them help us folks.. before we look at our brothers and sisters in Victoria and wonder what happened... the greenies won't stop there.... Here is the Facebook, but again, the GoFundMe link is above and confirmed to be the appropriate one. Thank you everyone...it may be a dysfunctional one, but we're all part of a big family world wide and we need to support our brothers and sisters wherever they are. PS: This forum is the only forum here in the US that I bother posting stuff on, (it seems to be the most drama free) so please share this info on Steve's, etc.... thank you all. Here's your chance to out due me Adam, a playful challenge... after all these years and all the bantering back and forth, I challange you to match my donation.... in the interest of our hobby.. show me up!!!!! Let's put those nuggets you have where your mouth/fingers is/are... maybe I'll counter your's with a follow up one... game on?????? Jen
  14. Jennifer Bond

    Backyard Surprise!

    Disregard, I picked up some new snake chaps... I'm back on track.... I have some minor falsing issues to work out but I think I'm good to go.... Anyone have a pick with a 4' handle for sale.... yea, having some issues with the bending down to dig as well... PS: All humor aside, thank you for posting this Chris, a coworker shoots at Ben Avery in Phx and was doing an archery event there and got nailed as he was running from target to target and the bill eventually was over $100,000.. $50,000 of which was just anti venom... this is serious stuff Jen
  15. Jennifer Bond

    Backyard Surprise!

    Yea, I'm thinking I'll stay in the next county, that should be good...
  16. Just a little thank you to Chris for a wonderful purchasing experience today. I called and ordered a new 17" x 13 Evo coil, additional (spare) battery for my GPZ and some skid plates, gave him my credit card number, said thank you and before I got home from the gold fields (was out detecting when he returned my call) I already had a tracking number in my email in box, something sadly lacking from other companies I've dealth with that has lead to frustration and missed / incorrectly addressed shipments... Great job Chris, thank you again for your great customer service. Jen
  17. Jennifer Bond

    Backyard Surprise!

    GPZ7000, GPX-5000 and 4500 and all related gear for sale cheap? Have lost all interest in detecting all of a sudden ..... taking up fishing, will trade all for boat with small outboard... OY VAY IM GONNA HAVE NIGHTMARES TONIGHT!!!!!
  18. Flying the AZO flag on foreign soil.... http://golddetecting.forumotion.net/t26577-a-little-arizona-au-for-your-viewing-pleasure#256557
  19. Jennifer Bond

    Backyard Surprise!

    You wanna know what's more frightening than that snake.... Seeing how talll your daughter is when it seemed like just yesterday that I was congratulating you when you announced the pregnancy... WTH has time flown????????? Wow.... PS: I'd still be putting on new depends after that snake episode...
  20. Jennifer Bond

    Some recent Space Rocks

    Cool, thank you for sharing... Jen
  21. Decent price for an entry into the world of PI detectors... https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/ele/d/minelab-gp-extreme/6741730254.html
  22. I just wanted to give a very positive recommendation to Proline Mining for a recent purchase. After years of running under powered pumps on my Heckler Fabrication wash plant, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a HP500 500GPM and Honda 9HP combo from Proline. My wash plant uses modified Clarkson riffles and uses a LOT of water, as you can see in the picture below, previously I actually had 3, 1.5" pumps feeding it into a manifold under the hopper. I called, spoke with Jeff, he spent a LOT of time on the phone chatting, very friendly, wanted my business made sure I was happy with the decision and made some suggestions about the mounting options (on a rack vs regular dredge rack so it was more stable) etc and it was ordered. It was VERY well packed, shipped very quickly and arrived in great shape... what a beautiful combo!!!! Thank you Jeff.... very much appreciate the time and product. Jen
  23. Beautiful, reminds me of Canada, thank you for sharing.
  24. Jennifer Bond

    Glad he dug it!

    Come on... we know it's a corn flake