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    More Customer Desert Gold

    Wow, that top one reminds me of an amethyst geode I use to own. Jen
  2. Sorry Chris, didn't see this post.... I was skunked on Rye but was only there overnight and a couple hours in the morning. Jen
  3. WTB Nugget Finder Evo Coil, open to shape/size
  4. Doc won one of these at the conference in Las Vegas, great machine, was super light, felt good in my hand, nice balance... a Gold Bug 2 killer perhaps. Jen
  5. Yup, weather went bad in Vegas, am in Phoenix for training now and it poured the first day... glad it stopped. We need to plan a group hunt sometime. Jen
  6. Hi Fred.... the same way everyone does... work for a Minelab dealer. Thanks re new home.... love it and love being close to Gold Basin. Jen
  7. It was a great event and it was awesome finally meeting in person, some of the great people (including Chris) that I've chatted with over the years on these forums. Jennifer
  8. Pick me, pick me.... I got it..... THE GOLDEN ARCHS???? I always get a Mc'Tummy ache when I go through Mc'Donalds drive through. PS: Day three skunked at Gold Basin... grrrrrr.. Jen
  9. Ran into a couple from Oregon (or was it Alaska, same orange plates) yesterday looking for you Dave I also met them on Rye Patch last month, husband and wife, sweet couple. They're headed to see Chris today for a day of training on their 7000. They were in White Elephant Wash. Jen
  10. Skunked so far this week for me as well Shep, nothing today.Jen
  11. Wow, after reading the pros got skunked here in Gold Basin, I feel even prouder about that (almost) 1/4 ounce I found on my first (solo) day here.... luck pure luck on my part, I was skunked the rest of the month as well.... but I'm back this week with a less stress filled cranium, some new metal free boots and a Gold Screamer power pack ala Doc and we'll see if I can fix that month of skunking. Spent all day yesterday on KingTut placers and was skunked but it was way too windy to be out, I should have been doing laundry Jen
  12. New, never used, comes with scuff plate, $125.00 shipped or pickup in Gold Basin. See pic for serial number. Jennifer
  13. I have both those JP videos and that's a great deal, I watch them over and over... great resource.
  14. Sadie's don't "give up the ghost", they just stop producing bb's... hahahahahaaha.... Jennifer
  15. Now ya'all did it...... I've secretly been sneaking out to Gold Basin with my 14x9 advantage while waiting for the 14x9 Evo to arrive (which I have yet to order)... well low and behold, all this talk about Sadie's woke up my little sweety, she's been tucked into bed since a pretty traumaitically cold prospecting trip up in Canada (she refused to work through 4' of snow overburden, go figure).... now she's insisting I take her out to warm up here in the desert..., so it looks like (dispite having an SDC 2300 in my arsenal), I'll be swinging a Sadie this weekend on my 5000.... she better come through for me. All joking aside, they're a great coil and I'm proud to say I'm probably the only person in the world who's found gold with a Sadie in -40 degree temps, with ice climbers walking by me.
  16. Final price reduction before it goes onto Craigslist and ebay.... It's taking up valuable room in my storage unit. $1,500.00
  17. Jennifer Bond

    FS: Falcon MD-20

  18. This item is available again (it was on eBay), the wanker never paid for it.... exact same item, $200.00, it works great... =+) I will accept Paypal (you pay Paypal fees), you can deposit at your local Wells Fargo and save the fees, or you can pickup in Gold Basin.... Jennifer
  19. I think Heather staked her claim when she said "I do" Norm's been very helpful to me in PM's with my move back to the Southwest (recommending RV places, friends to talk with, areas to hunt etc etc etc), he's a great claim to stake, a keeper for sure. Thanks for all your help Norm, again, a beautiful heart, found by an equally caring one... I'm glad Heather and I talked you back into your senses re the other thing you're keeping. Jen
  20. Great post about a great coil... thanks for posting, can't wait to get mine.... poor Sadie'll be sad but oh well
  21. Jennifer Bond

    First Gold Basin Nugget

    Thanks Terry/Chris. Jen
  22. Hi all.... well after spending an uneventful time on the top of Rye Patch, I made my way to Gold Basin to see that area. After mentioning to Doc (Doc's Detecting) that I was in the area and asking him if he had any suggestions for areas to check out, he not only suggested some great areas, he drove here at 3am the next day and we met at 5:30 on Gold Basin and had an AWESOME day detecting.. it was finally a chance to meet one of the first people I started chatting with on the forums years ago upon joining........ I was on my 2300 (that I purchased from Doc earlier this year) and he was on his 7000. Well by the end of the day, he'd hit a bit (one of which he let me dig and keep as it was too deep for my 2300 till he'd removed a bit of the overburden), I'd hit a bit (of trash) but the company and the scenery were better than any nugget I'd have hoped to find.... Doc and I parted ways that afternoon and after realizing that evening that I'd left my snake chaps in his truck and they were now back in Vegas, we made plans to meet up on Sat to get them... I figured the 2 hour drive was better than the 2 week wait for the postal service and the chance of getting bit in the bush out alone..... plans changed that evening and I decided to just have him send them to me UPS and I'd risk one day in the rattle fields..... I'm glad I did..... I went out to an area several miles from where Doc took me (out of respect for his areas), I then drove around scoping out other areas (not on club claims) and didn't find much, upon starting the trip back into Meadview, I was about to jump onto the main dirt road back to the highway and something tapped me on the shoulder and said (in Doc's own voice)... that spot looks real interesting...... and I turned around and went back..... After putting on what seemed like a full on leather-fest of gear, harnesses, pick holders, speakers, amps, Glock .40 etc etc etc.... (loaded for bear with no snake chaps, smart Jennifer), I proceeded to start up a nice little gully... not a dig hole in sight and BAAAAAAM.... (LESS THAN 20' UP THE WASH) woooooo yea baby.... the sound we love to hear.... suuuuuwweeeeeeeet... dig dig dig.... woooooowwwwwaaawwwwwoooowwaaaaaa..dig dig dig..... sweat curse dig.... BOING!!!!!!! Taddaaaaaaaaaaaa...... plop, into the mouth it went .... This entire gully (actually it's a series of parallel gullies) were dig hole free, this slug (and it felt like a Northern California slug) would have been found with a tin can on a string, it was down about a foot, was found with a GPX5000 and a Nugget Finder Advantage 14" elliptical.... it was getting late so I only dug the one, I'm saving the rest of the gullies for when my Sensei (Doc) can take a day off and come back and work the area with me, me on my 5k and him on his 7k. Doc, thank you for being a true advocate for our hobby, you didn't have to take a day off to show me the area, let alone drive 2 hours each way to do so..... men like you make me proud to be part of this community..... It's nothing special for a lot of people, but for me.... every nugget has a story (as most of you have heard of my long winded nugget stories in the past) and for me, this was not only my first Gold Basin nugget, it was my first American nugget (most of my work has been done in Australia and Canada). Almost 1/4 ounce, 7 grams..... and as I type this email, it's enjoying a nice warm bubble (acid) bath to make it even puuuuuuurdier.... (about $332.00 on today's spot price, a bit closer to getting that GPZ)......... I wonder if my 5000 would stop talking to me if he realized he was the maker of his own demise? I feel like an IT Manager asking an IT professional to train the new guy from Bangladore who only speaks Punjabi, who's going to get his job once training's complete. Doc, thanks again... I had a great day with you and wouldn't have found this memory without your help.... come back and help me finish what I started. Jen
  23. Jennifer Bond

    First Gold Basin Nugget

    Thx LipCa.... you reap what you sow in life.... or as my dog use to say....