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  1. If anyone is looking for aftermarket shafts for running the Commie coils on your Zed, here is a link. Everything is included , like wing nuts and threaded nut thingy and washers. They look identical but without the ML logo, and the ridiculous Minelab stamp tax.. you can't beat $19.00.




  2. Hi peeps... anyone else here running a Heckler Fabrication 2410V trommel? I've had a Heckler 10" x 10' 4 stage (over under) high banker since 2011 and love it, just picked up one of his trommels, anyone else running one? Let' share tips n tricks.




    heckler trommel 1.jpg

    heckler trommel 2.jpg

  3. 1 hour ago, frank c said:

    Fred was ill for quite some time, that's why he hadn't made the trips he loved to do.
    He grew weaker as the months passed, wrenched ill health, bad lungs etc. we carried on with messages back an forth "soldiering up" as he would instruct me to do !
    He just didn't have the strength to come to Az. as he wanted and  tried a few times.
    I enjoyed his friendship for many years. He left a big impression on my soul.

    Thanks for the update Frank...