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    GPZ7000 ... For Sale $6000

    Don't blame you Mike, my 7000 is in the closet and has been for weeks since replacing it with a 5000 and Evo coil.... so much more enjoyable to swing. Thanks for trying though Dakota.
  2. Hi all.... when I purchased my GPZ 7000 I figured that the GPZ 19 coil was going to weigh a lot more than it does so I ordered a fancy wiz bang over the shoulder boulder holder weight distribution harness for it. After using the GPZ 19 coil for a while and then adding a Hip Stick to my system, I find that this item is excessive to my needs to I might as well sell it instead of having it collect dust. It works great and I didn't notice any interference with the coil in normal swinging. A perfect gift for the wife, works on a GPX5000 as well, lots of pics and video on their web site and Facebook page. Below is the price break down in Australian dollars and then converted to US funds... I'll sell it all, used only once, brand new condition, for $250.00 shipping included. Harness: $365.00 Shipping to USA: $80.00 --------- Total in Aus$: $445.00 Total in American$: $332.62 Selling for $250.00 shipped or can be picked up in Las Vegas or Gold Basin (I'm there every weekend). The Prospector Harness http://prospectorspick.com.au/the-prospector-harness/ http://prospectorspick.com.au/store/#!/The-Prospector-Harness-Camo-with-Pockets/p/76992631/category=14860389 https://www.facebook.com/pg/The-Prospectors-Pick-116698508457529/videos/?ref=page_internal
  3. Why we don’t go in mine shaft ... https://www.facebook.com/CBSSacramento/videos/248130299388067/
  4. Jennifer Bond

    12" Evo @ 82

    Way to go..... doing us women prospectors proud.... a fellow Evo lover.... well done. Jen
  5. Just a little thank you to Chris for a wonderful purchasing experience today. I called and ordered a new 17" x 13 Evo coil, additional (spare) battery for my GPZ and some skid plates, gave him my credit card number, said thank you and before I got home from the gold fields (was out detecting when he returned my call) I already had a tracking number in my email in box, something sadly lacking from other companies I've dealth with that has lead to frustration and missed / incorrectly addressed shipments... Great job Chris, thank you again for your great customer service. Jen
  6. Thanks again Mike, pinpointer works great, nice to have in the tool kit. Jen
  7. Every penny of his rescue should be sent to him in the form of an invoice!!!!
  8. Thank you Chris, again a pleasure and I'll get you that picture of that other GB gold later as promised....
  9. Hi Chris, do you have any of the old Coiltek pin pointer coils in stock, if not, do you have any of the NF Sadies'...... call me when you have a second, I need to order one or the other, you have my number... thanks..... Jen
  10. Didn't loose as much as I thought I would.... forever sold on Evo coils... ? Nice little chunk of quartz covered in gold... IMG_4021-1.mov
  11. Well well well...... it seems like I wrote this exact post on another forum back in 2016 when I purchased the same size Evo Elliptical from a fellow forum member (but solid, not spoked like this one) and on the second trip out, found a half ouncer in pounded Gold Basin ground. Here we go again... EVO broke my "I'm only getting 1.5 gram nuggets" situation that I was on on this particular patch. All the items arrived safe and sound (thank you again Chris) and on my second trip out with it.... BOOOOOM..... a nice 9.5 grammer (over 1/4 ounce) I'll probably lose at least .5 of a gram on clean up, but it sure is nice to have a $500.00 coil pay for itself so quickly. I'll post a picture of it post clean when it's done in the bubble bath. Jen
  12. Jennifer Bond

    Girl pulls this from a lake!

    Wow... you go girl.. thank you for posting Chris.. Jen
  13. Thanks Chris, yes you're right, the ellip is the best shape for my hunting. I had the same coil but solid and found some great gold with it but sold it when I sold my 5000 to start using my 7000. Right now I'm using an ellip Advantage (still a great coil) am eager to give the open spoke ellip a swing... thanks again. I'll keep you in mind when I find that big one... right now I'm not quite ready for wheelbarrows, but ya never know. ? Right now I seem to be stuck on this "1.5 gram per nugget" patch I've been working. ? Jen
  14. Still available...... still brand new, never used in the field..... $125.00 takes it.
  15. As stated in subject line, tell me what you have and how much, prefer the 17" x 13". Willing to purchase or trade two of the Nugget Finder Advantage elliptical's, the 14" x 9" and the 17" x 11". Jennifer
  16. No longer need the Evo, just purchased one from Chris but do have the two Advantage's available should anyone want to purchase them.
  17. Hmmmmm smells like another Finicum or Ruby Ridge scenario to me.... https://www.foxnews.com/us/civil-war-gold-treasure-hunters-lawyer-say-fbi-acting-suspicious-in-wake-of-dig-at-pennsylvania-site Jen
  18. BBC article: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-45468159 Jennifer......
  19. http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t25940-aftermarket-for-gpz
  20. Heeeee's baaaaaaaaack!!!!! Wooo hoooo boy n goyles... grab the popcorn..... USMiner's back with another super awesome videos You may recall all his HUGE nugget find videos (check out the rest of his channel for those). I'm pretty sure I've watched them all at least a dozen times, great info, very motivating to get out there and dig big nuggets. Don't miss his GPZ/GPX with Evo coil video... Nice to see you back Jason...... keep them coming. Jen
  21. http://time.com/5202...-cargo-takeoff/ https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/16/world/europe/russia-plane-gold.html
  22. Jennifer Bond

    Great weekend hunt!

    Those tears will dry up the minute you start digging that first GPX nugget, and be replaced by an entirely new set of tears, of happiness.
  23. Jennifer Bond

    Great weekend hunt!

    Agreed 100%, I've had several 4500's and they're GREAT machines....