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  1. Very happy with the Equinox Chris. i only detected the site for about 15 min, I was frustrated with all the sounds because of all the trash, this was a cabin site, the machine was going nuts with tones all over the place like an accordion, But as I walked along the Equinox screamed a smooth, clear, high tone with like a 35 number. So I dug and out came this! The flask dates to 1812!! The Equinox is very easy to operate. I had an Explorer before the Equinox and I would forget how to use it if I didn’t operate it for a few months, plus it had a steep learning curve. I now trust what the Equinox is telling me.
  2. Got to take out the Equinox today. I am impressed with this new machine. Have a couple areas littered with tin trash and nails, the Equinox handled the trash well and I was able to know what each piece of trash was. Has a fast learning curve and is very simple. What’s also really nice is you can select 20 MHz, 40 MHz or multi frequency when in the gold search mode and discriminate. It also handles the red hot clay soil that typically gives VLFs a lot of problems.
  3. Second time out with the 19" Evo Found gold in hunted out patches both times
  4. I want to thank Chris for his excellent service. I ordered the 19" Evolution on Monday and it arrived at my house in Calif on Wednesday Bought this coilto go over an area that was pounded to death and it came up with 3 nuggets, two bullets, two pieces of iron ad a staple! This coil hits hard and handles the high mineralized red soil very well. attachment=14838:IMG_5094.JPG]
  5. The Evolution is a 17x13 coil Not a 17x15 as stated. I was thinking of my 12 x15 Commander My mistake
  6. Hello Chuck No I do not use anything to support the coil, it is extremely light, so light that I thought something was missing from it since my 12x15 is way heavier. Only drawback I can see is that the skid plate is thin so you will go through them faster, but that's ok with me, I'll gladly buy new plates because it's so light and and works so well. I also love the solid design, the hollow coils do not here.
  7. Even though I have been away from the forum for a few years, I continued to detect for gold the whole time and doing very well. Some of you remember me as Eodseal2000. After testing the coil I called Chris and had to tell him how impressed I was with it. I then decided to write a review so others can see how great of a coil this is, even told Chris it's against my better judgement because i will loose my edge. The 17x13 NF Evolution on a GPX 5000 is a deadly combination on gold. First time out I chose an area on public land that has been pounded over and over by every detector/coil combination out there (including 24" monos) and by some very experienced hunters. I was very surprised to find several birdshot down to 6", a 32cal musket ball at 20", 13.7 gram nugget at 22" and a couple 1 grammars, several nails and trash, all in one day, I could not believe I was finding these targets in such a hard hit area. The second time I went to another public area with very hot soil that was also hit hard with 18" monos, and various other coils including my trusty 12x15 commander. In a few minutes I had a faint target and found a 0.8 gram nugget at 17". Chris told me that there will be a smaller Evolution available soon, my question to him is why? If you can find birdshot at 6" deep, why would you want to find anything smaller? This Evolution handles EMI and hot soils very well, goes very deep, very sensitive and condensed the target area down making it easier to separate targets in a small area. It has replaced my trusty 12x15 and paid for its self the first time out. You can't go wrong with this coil. Below is a picture of the 0.8 gram at 17"
  8. Yes it's the coil size. I have one that I bought from Chris for sale with both coils, used twice for 499.99 plus shipping. I need the money to pay for my 4000.
  9. Hi Bob This picture is of a small piece of nail on a dime. It's amazing that a large coil picked this up at that depth. I was finding pieces I could hardly see near the surface. The nugget was at 3", I never heard it before do to the close proximity of the nails but I sure heard it yesterday without digging the nails! I should have probably waited for a few weeks and cleaned everything out before I posted but then I like this hobby and it's good to see others out there enjoying the outdoors and finding some color.
  10. We were able to get both the 14 and 17" out today on some pinkish hotter mid high ground that we have hit hard in the past. I didn't try the 14 but my friends view was it ran just like the 17, just a smaller version. He ran his in shallower ground but, we think the outcome was about the same on both the 4000's. Today we noticed a big difference with cross talk and interference. The area we went to has always plagued us with radio interference, causing us to auto tune every 20 min or so, running lower gain and living with the "chatter" in the back ground, but today everything was quiet and there were a few times I had to check and make sure I didn't accidentally turn my toggle to cancel, the coil ran nice and smooth, it was awesome! Another noticeable difference with the Advantage is that the targets were crisp and clear. You know when you think you hear a target but aren't sure so you scrape a little, then scrape some more and so on? If there's something there you'll clearly hear it, pretty much takes the guess work out of it. I dug two small pieces of copper down to 8" that I clearly heard amongst trash that I never heard before with other coils which bring me to another great discovery. The coil was not influenced by far away metal trash (nails) as other coils. In other words I was able to worm the coil around the nails and pick out the better targets like the 4.19 gram nugget today that was masked by nails with other coils and I consider that great with a large coil. Where we detected I couldn't get within 4ft of a barbed wire fence with the 12x15, but with this coil, I could get within 2ft of it and found a nice button and a bunch of small boot tacks. It was very difficult to use in tall dense grass since it is so light, but that's hard with any coil. Since the coils ran quieter, less influenced by chatter and ran great in the hotter soil, I got away with running my gain two to three numbers higher, the pictures prove how sensitive these coils are, we never heard these targets in the past or we would have dug them. These are great coils and I completely convinced that this has got to be the best coil I have ever used. I had a problem uploading all the pictures on this forum, even with cropping but I did manage one. You can see other pictures on nuggetshooter forum.
  11. Hello LuckyLundy I am just a fan of big coils. When it first arrived I thought holy cow, I should have ordered the 14! But after using it, I like it!
  12. Hello Montana We were using the 4000. Thanks for the compliment and I agree, I can live with the rough edges.
  13. Hello Sourdough We tested the coil in Northern Ca and the soil conditions varied from somewhat light to medium. I used other coils in the same area and dug false targets (ghosts) between 5-8 times every time I went there, either mineral pockets or carbon residue from past fires, I think I dug 2 with the advantage, but then I run my machine pretty hot when I detect. My friend bought the 14" elliptical Adv and were planning to take them both out on Saturday to some hotter red ground. I can say that I am very impressed with this coil and it's nice to have one that doesn't false when you bump it.
  14. For those of you who knew that I was getting my NF Advantage 17" Elliptical Mono and were awaiting my honest field test, here it is. This is an honest report, if I did or didn't like it I would tell you. I have been doing this for a number of years. First I would like to say that I am not a salesmen nor do I get a cut from any sales of detecting equipment or associated with any dealer or their testers. I'm just an honest detectorist and believe if you can find gold with a piece of string tied to a branch then do it, whatever works for you. This test was conducted under the same conditions as previous searches. I purposely hunted an area that has had hundreds of coils over it to see what I could find. One 10x15' area I hunted very recently with my 12x15 Commander, 18" Commander and a friend with his 11" Commander including a CT 24", we dug EVERY TARGET and chose the 17x11" because I wanted it as close as possible to my 12x15 which was welded onto my machine. We used the exact same settings as the other coils and I could not believe how quiet the Advantage ran and when I went over a target it sang out clear with no falsing. In that 10x15' area we found one nugget, two boot tacks and two mini balls at incredible depths. The boot tacke were at 6 & 8" with the mini balls and nugget at 16 & 17"....the other coils did not hear these and at one point was cussing the advantage for making me dig so deep. One thing I quickly noticed was how sensitive the nose of this coil was, it was dead on and we could quickly locate the target by digging a narrow hole straight down. Here are the Pros and cons: Pros: Extremely light, runs quiet,goes deeper, sensitive, the coil wire comes out right next to the shaft mount, no falsing, a great sweet spot on the nose and 8 o'clock, two year warranty and waterproof. Cons: Rides on the grass a little because of the light weight, a little more friction than a solid due to more edges catching and every once in awhile a stick gets caught in it (no problem if your careful). All in all, I love this coil and can't wait to get it out again. I will post more tests in the next few weeks. [atta chment=6146:tp4.jpg]