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  1. Gold Seeker

    Merry Christmas from AZO!

    Merry Christmas to all!
  2. WOW, nothing like a $400,000 day out metal detecting!!
  3. RIP Jim. you will be missed.
  4. Wow what a great find and paid for the detector as well, I wouldn't wash my hands for a while either after finding that!!! Chris there looks to be part of a smaller piece in left of the photo, was that a piece that broke off of the big piece or another nugget found nearby?
  5. Back at ya Chris and to all other members as well eat a lot and stay safe!
  6. Gold Seeker

    Back from eastern Canada!

    Love the minerals photos! The short guns are mortars, used in close combat, they launched a explosive shell into charging troops or into fortifications, basically it's an old version of the modern mortars used in combat today. French mortar diagram from the 18th century The last use of these types of mortars was used during the American Civil War. Us Army 13-inch mortar "Dictator" was a rail-mounted gun of the American Civil War.
  7. Gold Seeker

    FS: Keene RC46 Rock Crusher

    This ad and the link is 4 years old, the link has been deleted for quite a while I would think.
  8. Chris, for what it's worth all of the Spammers I've seen posting since you upgraded the forum were registered prior to the upgrade, most if not all registered in the fall last year...October and November, so it doesn't appear that any of them are new here after the upgrade and once you ban them you shouldn't have nearly as hard a time keeping a handle on this issue, you just have to keep eliminating them as they popup/post spam, I think you may be past the worst part as of now. Most of not all of these "members" are most likely the same "Bot" that did a mass registering using sightly different emaill addresses last fall. Edit: Well I guess I spoke too soon this latest Spammer who just posted 3 topics and is still posting as I type so maybe more to come registered in the fall of 2016, either way no new registrations with all these spammers.
  9. Gold Seeker

    New Forum Upgrade

    Hi Chris, over at Nuggetshooter we got rid of most Spammers being able to register by setting up a muti-step registration process, whereas they thave to register, type in a special text from what they see in the registration box and then have to complete the registration via an email confirmation process, we still get a Spammer from time to time but it's rare and far between. By doing it this way it eilminates most any "robot" registrations, which you seem to have had many since the upgrade, hopefully this will help if you get your IT person to set it up in a similar fashion via the AP Control Panel.
  10. Gold Seeker

    Early mining camp hunt

    Nice finds Chris!! Mike, you never want to clean any collectible coins, you will decrease the value anywhere from 50% to 75%, that being said you can sometimes have a coin professionally cleaned, this is best done by the companies out there that grade coins, i.e. PCGS, NGC, etc., they have coins experts that know how to clean a coin without de-valuing it, most importantly they know when to stop or not clean the coin at all.
  11. Yes Mike that the one I was thinking about.
  12. WOW!! Chris was this nugget ever posted on any forums before, looks like one I saw many years ago?
  13. Nice nugget even if it needs a little blue pill!!
  14. Gold Seeker

    Think its a button?

    Looks like a lead splatter to me as well, I guess it could of been use for a button, do the holes look like thye were punched in or a natural part of when the piece was "poured/splattered"?
  15. That is awesome, but FYI this video has been around for at least a couple of years, it's from Africa, I saw it first about 2 years ago.
  16. Mery Christmas and a Happy New Year, stay safe.
  17. Gold Seeker

    New Boots

    Rebbok also make a boot RB8896, this boot seems to be discontinued on Reebok website but there seems to be some still at retailers. https://www.us-elite...boot-desert-tan
  18. Gold Seeker

    New Boots

    Mike this boot maybe sorta what you are looking for? http://www.lapoliceg...mens-rapid.html
  19. Wow Norm, that's a very nice nugget, are you going to hang it on a chain??? What does it weight?
  20. Gold Seeker

    First Gold Basin Nugget

    Congratulation Jennifer on your first American nugget and it's a VERY nice one at that!!
  21. Very nice nugget from a worked out location Chris! Dean those studs would have been purely decorative, best guess would be from horse tack, i.e. a bridle/headstall, spurs straps, saddle bags, etc. or possibly chaps, hatband or gun belt/holster.
  22. Gold Seeker

    Can't "Like" Posts

    Ron sometimes with this forum software it will say there's a problem but if you just refresh the page you will most likely see the action "took", you can now see that it does say you liked the post above yours by Terry.
  23. Gold Seeker

    Next to the Truck!

    Just goes to show when driving and you see a place that "looks good" you just maybe right and parking right on top of the best spot!
  24. Mike as Chris stated don't let the water get to the connector at the control box which may let water into the control box, another word of caution is to not lift the coil higher than the control box as water will run down the coil wire and get to the connector, on other detectors where the control box is directly screwed to the shaft water can also run inside the shaft and possibly get into the control box. also when you put the detector into your car/truck make sure the control box in higher until all water has had a chance to evaporate.
  25. Thanks for the trip report Chris, awesome looking!