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  1. He aint going any place to many nuggets for him to find yet Draino does a good job cleaning out the pipes get well old Tom my boy people still want to meet you incuding me prayers do miracles every day and it some like alot are prayer for you and your family Roger I think your faking it so your son will do the digging
  2. Roger R

    Need a GOOD Laugh?

    what can you say he is making more money gold husling than I am if garret wants that dirty mouth discussing thing to be it's rep hope they did not pay him much Roger
  3. Roger R


    Thanks for the where to's but I also was looking for the brand that tread said they were tough last along time and you could walk all day in them I know they were not cheap but a really good boot or shoe thanks Roger
  4. Last year or the year before there was a conversation about good shoes for MDing with eyelets not being metal but they were really good shoes good support long lasting they were not bought at a big box store I think you bought them on the companies website anyone know the name of the shoe and website I think Chris or Bunk even bought up at one time the company had them on sale any help on goood shore would help Thanks ahead of time Roger
  5. that was my problem I have to spent 300 to get a used coiltek coil then find something win a 150 voucher then spend an extra 300 to get another new coil Roger
  6. you seem to be well tuned yet you have not missed a beat nice nuggies Roger
  7. Way to go Chris surprised it is cooler enough in AZ to get out in the afternoon 99 degrees here in WI the sun is HOT keep the videos coming Roger
  8. Roger R

    In the water...

    much much better than a poke in the eye with a stick and very eye appealing view Roger
  9. Nice going dirty looks like you have a good start a vial of that will make you very happy Roger
  10. Roger R

    Gold Rush

    they finished the season this winter and are probably filming now for the new season next fall at least on finally show the guy with the weird beard said they were going to find 1000 oz next year look in the fall for it to start up again Roger
  11. Roger R

    Detector Stores

    Chris didnt say you were asking to much I hate to see you loose that much it hurts you have a fair price thats why I said use it instead of taking the hit good luck with what you get or keep Roger
  12. Roger R

    Detector Stores

    Chris if you trade in you are going to get trade in price because the dealer has to be able to make a profit if you sell out right you will get more but not what you paid for it in april this year 150 to 200 $ hit each unit you have will work for coin and relic use what you have if not you just have to know no one pays new price for anything used good luck Roger
  13. Im glad he posted I would not have known about the book other wise could be a very good read and selling anything on here used MD dont help Chris's sales used equipment will stop sale of new equipment It's like LDMA not allowing to transfer memberships any more they were not selling new ones Frank you sold a jeep on here thats not gold equipment you should have put that on autotrader Let up on the guy just getting the word out about his book I'll probably get a copy now that I know its out there could be the best book I ever read only my thoughts Roger
  14. Chris I think your 705 is a really good coin and relic hunter I believe that is what Bunk uses the 705 in Prescot for coins and he does training on these ask Bunk or Mike Furness Mike is usually lurk arounfd this sit he might chime in if he see this Roger