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  1. I was so impressed by the NOX 600, that I am moving up to the Equinox 800 so I can go nuggetshooting in Arizona this winter. I have taken very good care of my 600, and it is still under warranty. It has been updated with the new software, and comes in its original box with paperwork. It was purchased back in February. $575.00 shipped - USA Only! Paypal "Friends & Family" preferred, will accept a United States Post Office Money Order. Questions? PM me!
  2. This stunning full tang knife is from my collection, and was hand made by Brad Miller, in Westchester County, NY. The knife is stunning, but it is also rock solid because of robust construction with its 1/8th" thick blade. The one of a kind Damascus steel blade, is the result of hours of hand forging (512-folds). The blade was given a laser heat treatment, and has a Rockwell hardness along its cutting edge of 55-56. The blade shows fantastic hand grinds on both sides of the false edge. Overall length of this knife is 8.25" (4" blade). The handle slabs are made of Bethlehem Olive Wood, fastened with steel pins for a life time of durability. Bolster is hand-casted brass. Never Used, only admired. Comes with Calf-skin leather sheath $95.00 PayPal TerrySoloman@aol.com
  3. Bump! This pinpointer is a demo model that I used only for a review. They Retail for $124.00 New, and this one has less than 5-hours. $80 Friends & Family PayPal
  4. Notkta Waterproof Pinpointer w/ Box & Accessories
  5. Terry Soloman

    EQUINOX Software Upgrade!

    Very easy to download and put into the Equinox. Much better response on deeper targets, and the depth gauge actually works now!
  6. Yes, you pay a registration fee of about $15 annually.
  7. These are names that have all pointed to my businesses over the years, not a domain selling company. - T?
  8. International Beach Detecting.com - $299.00 American Beach Detecting.com - $299.00 Go Treasure Hunting.com - $799.00 American Metal Detecting.com - $499.00 American Metal Detector.com - $499.00 (Buy the pair for $849.00) Metal Detecting.news - $399.00 Metal Detector.news - $399.00 (buy the pair for $649.00) American Gold Adventures.com - $499.00 Alaskan Gold Adventures.com - $499 Arizona Gold Adventures.com - $999.00 International Gold Adventures.com - $499.00 Gold Prospecting Lessons.com - $399.00 Gold Prospecting Lesson.com - $399.00 (buy the pair for $649.00) Call or text Terry Soloman @ 914-589-3985 in New York, Monday – Saturday, 9am-7pm EST. or Email: TerrySoloman@aol.com Prices are negotiable in most cases, and all serious offers will be considered. – Thank You.
  9. Terry Soloman

    Heavy rains in central AZ

    Gold on the move. Super video!?
  10. I really want to be you when I grow up. Congratulations!!!!
  11. Gotta put that book together Lanny!