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  1. I really want to be you when I grow up. Congratulations!!!!
  2. Gotta put that book together Lanny!
  3. Terry Soloman

    Great weekend for a hunt!

    I LOVE my NOX 600! Congrats on the great finds, and those buttons are WWII I believe http://www.quanonline.com/military/military_reference/american/wwii_uniforms/usbuttons.html
  4. Terry Soloman

    New Forum Upgrade

    I blame the Russians.
  5. Terry Soloman

    Equinox 800

    Minelab has hit a home run with the Equinox. I have the 600, here in New York, where I do my gold prospecting on the beaches of Long Island, and New York City. The Equinox has proved itself already on beaches and in parks, and I have already found enough silver and gold to darn near pay for it! I have retired my Tesoro Vaquero; Tejon; Sand Shark and Tiger Shark. Don't need them anymore. Love the Equinox!
  6. Looking forward to putting these to work!
  7. You are the Gold Man Frank!
  8. Personally, I see no need to mod a GPX. Maybe you should look for better ground to run your coil over. Brand new 4800 and 5000 models are cheap. Just sell and step up.
  9. Terry Soloman

    Equinox Relic Hunt

    I LOVE this machine. I have been writing a review, and have used it in heavily hunted areas to test the unmasking capabilities - Wow!
  10. Terry Soloman

    Equinox Relic Hunt

    Congrats on your First IH!!!!
  11. Terry Soloman

    Got My Equinox 600 Today!

    After swinging on the beach, in the saltwater, at a local park, and today in a farm field, I am prepared to say the Equinox is the best “All Around” park; beach; and field metal detector I have ever used. It is not as deep as the CTX 3030, or E-Trac, but it’s close with the stock coil. It is better in heavy park trash than both of it’s higher-priced cousins, and lighter. At US$650.00 the Equinox 600 is hands down the best metal detector in its price range. It replaces several of my tried and true Tesoro machines, including the Cibola; Vaquero; Outlaw; Tejon; Sand Shark; and Tiger Shark. If you’re counting, that's six-different machines. With the Equinox 600 capable of running three single frequencies (5kHz; 10kHz; 15kHz), and in Multi-frequency mode, it obsoletes all six of these Tesoro machines, and dozens of other great detectors, including the AT Pro; AT Max; Whites MXT Sport; Fisher F75; and on and on! The machine does get chatty in heavy trash, and you need to understand the tones and numbers to be precise with it. Pinpointing is much harder than with Tesoro machines. Again, it takes time to understand targets are picked up on the coil edges first, and then in the coil center. Discrimination and recovery speed are awesome. I would put this machine up against any Tesoro machine for speed and discrimination, and I’ve never said that before about ANY machine. I have found a ton of clad and a silver Merc, so far, and I have only hit well hunted, trash filled locations – on purpose.
  12. Got my new Minelab yesterday, and I'll be on the beach with it later today - Super excited!
  13. Terry Soloman

    FS: Original Tesoro Bandido

    Still looking for a home!
  14. I have an excellent condition Tesoro Bandido for $225.00 shipped. Includes stock 8" Concentric coil (11"x8" DD coil an additional $95.00). TerrySoloman@aol.com 914-589-3985
  15. Terry Soloman

    Headed Home

    Super Job!!!
  16. Terry Soloman

    Got My Equinox 600 Today!

    My first hunt with the Equinox 600, took me out to Long Island, and Field #4 at Jones Beach. I popped the machine into “Beach 1,” and used the factory preset program to start in the dry sand. I immediately realized I had no idea how to use all the tools this machine has available to me, so I decided to just relax and try and learn the different tones and VDI numbers. My first high tone (VDI 25) was a clad quarter in the dry sand. The signal was strong, and I was more than surprised when it took two scoops to get down to it – at least 10”-12” deep. Happy-happy!! Pull tabs were coming in around VDI 15, and a deep nickel (9”) also came in at VDI 15. Once I got down to the water, I switched to “Beach 2” and transitioned into the wet sand and shallow surf. Completely smooth, no falsing, crisp signals. I was able to pass up bobby pins and iron with no problem and got a nice surprise when I got a solid high tone and a VDI 28 IN THE WATER. Three scoops later I had a 1945 Silver Mercury Dime! I dug a couple of new pennies in the surf as well and got a Wheatie on the way back to the boardwalk. I couldn’t be happier with this new machine on the beach. It is lighter than my Tesoro Sand Shark and seems to be just about as deep as an Excalibur. My problem is not knowing how to use it yet, and I am sure with a few more hunts under my belt I’ll be able to use it with more precision. So, to sum up, first time out at the beach was a pleasure and surprise. Very good separation and recovery in heavy trash (bottle caps; screw tops; bobby pins; nails; screws; wire), with good high tones next to low tones. Plenty deep, in wet sand and saltwater. I may never use my trusty Sand Shark again.
  17. Terry Soloman

    Little Yuma Speci

    Beautiful - Congrats!
  18. Terry Soloman

    Fort Lauderdale was Fun!

    The Mojave is a great little machine. The discrimination is second-to-none, and as I park and coinshooter it is fantastic. I recovered a nickel at 8" in the beach sand, so the depth of the 7" concentric is excellent. This machine replaced my Compadre,
  19. Had a great four-days in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with my Honey, and got in a couple of hours of beach detecting with the little Tesoro Mojave. Unfortunately the Gold Coast is heavily sanded in right now, so mostly recent drops in the dry sand.
  20. Terry Soloman

    Fort Lauderdale was Fun!

    It is gorgeous! No, I don't have an in for the bases - and I don't know where they are. I just vacation down there, and visit my daughter and granddaughter in Lakeland, near Tampa.
  21. Terry Soloman

    West Coast not always Good

    You got out. Unless you are swinging the coil you aren't gonna find squat!
  22. Terry Soloman

    Short hunt yields two

    Sweet gold - Congrats!