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  1. Notkta Waterproof Pinpointer w/ Box & Accessories
  2. Bump! This pinpointer is a demo model that I used only for a review. They Retail for $124.00 New, and this one has less than 5-hours. $80 Friends & Family PayPal
  3. Terry Soloman

    EQUINOX Software Upgrade!

    Very easy to download and put into the Equinox. Much better response on deeper targets, and the depth gauge actually works now!
  4. International Beach Detecting.com - $299.00 American Beach Detecting.com - $299.00 Go Treasure Hunting.com - $799.00 American Metal Detecting.com - $499.00 American Metal Detector.com - $499.00 (Buy the pair for $849.00) Metal Detecting.news - $399.00 Metal Detector.news - $399.00 (buy the pair for $649.00) American Gold Adventures.com - $499.00 Alaskan Gold Adventures.com - $499 Arizona Gold Adventures.com - $999.00 International Gold Adventures.com - $499.00 Gold Prospecting Lessons.com - $399.00 Gold Prospecting Lesson.com - $399.00 (buy the pair for $649.00) Call or text Terry Soloman @ 914-589-3985 in New York, Monday – Saturday, 9am-7pm EST. or Email: TerrySoloman@aol.com Prices are negotiable in most cases, and all serious offers will be considered. – Thank You.
  5. Yes, you pay a registration fee of about $15 annually.
  6. These are names that have all pointed to my businesses over the years, not a domain selling company. - T🤠
  7. Terry Soloman

    Heavy rains in central AZ

    Gold on the move. Super video!🤠
  8. I really want to be you when I grow up. Congratulations!!!!
  9. Gotta put that book together Lanny!
  10. Terry Soloman

    Great weekend for a hunt!

    I LOVE my NOX 600! Congrats on the great finds, and those buttons are WWII I believe http://www.quanonline.com/military/military_reference/american/wwii_uniforms/usbuttons.html
  11. Terry Soloman

    New Forum Upgrade

    I blame the Russians.
  12. Terry Soloman

    Equinox 800

    Minelab has hit a home run with the Equinox. I have the 600, here in New York, where I do my gold prospecting on the beaches of Long Island, and New York City. The Equinox has proved itself already on beaches and in parks, and I have already found enough silver and gold to darn near pay for it! I have retired my Tesoro Vaquero; Tejon; Sand Shark and Tiger Shark. Don't need them anymore. Love the Equinox!
  13. Looking forward to putting these to work!
  14. You are the Gold Man Frank!
  15. Personally, I see no need to mod a GPX. Maybe you should look for better ground to run your coil over. Brand new 4800 and 5000 models are cheap. Just sell and step up.
  16. Terry Soloman

    Equinox Relic Hunt

    I LOVE this machine. I have been writing a review, and have used it in heavily hunted areas to test the unmasking capabilities - Wow!
  17. Terry Soloman

    Equinox Relic Hunt

    Congrats on your First IH!!!!
  18. Terry Soloman

    Headed Home

    Super Job!!!
  19. Terry Soloman

    Little Yuma Speci

    Beautiful - Congrats!
  20. Terry Soloman

    Fort Lauderdale was Fun!

    The Mojave is a great little machine. The discrimination is second-to-none, and as I park and coinshooter it is fantastic. I recovered a nickel at 8" in the beach sand, so the depth of the 7" concentric is excellent. This machine replaced my Compadre,
  21. Had a great four-days in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with my Honey, and got in a couple of hours of beach detecting with the little Tesoro Mojave. Unfortunately the Gold Coast is heavily sanded in right now, so mostly recent drops in the dry sand.
  22. Terry Soloman

    Fort Lauderdale was Fun!

    It is gorgeous! No, I don't have an in for the bases - and I don't know where they are. I just vacation down there, and visit my daughter and granddaughter in Lakeland, near Tampa.