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  1. It was a Beautiful day in Greaterville, high of 75. I think that I could have sit under the Oak tree all day , But you don't find nuggets sitting under the Oak tree. A 3.1 dwter made it a great day. Silver Dog
  2. silver dog doug

    Australian Gold tours

    Thanks for the pos.Fred it is getting close, and I am starting to get excited. We have permission to hunt a couple areas, so things are coming togather. Thanks for all your help. Doug
  3. silver dog doug

    Australian Gold tours

    Nice Gold Jonathan, I just hope that I run onto a few like that, Doug
  4. silver dog doug

    Aus. in Oct.

    Thanks Huego,your advice will be taken. Doug
  5. A friend and I are going to the Outback in Oct. We do not have contacts and would appreciate any help that you could give. Unless we get help, we will head for Leonora and points beyond. I am realy looking forward to the trip, and I hope that we find lots of yellow. If not , I am sure that we will have a great time anyway. Thanks for your help. Doug
  6. silver dog doug

    Aus. in Oct.

    Thanks Chris, I am out of minutes and will call on Saturday or Sunday, if that is ok. Thanks again . Doug
  7. It is not to hot in Greaterville, if you go early. I was beeping by 5 am. It was 53 degrees, and 83 when I left at 1pm. Probably won't be going out much for the rest of the Summer. Happy hunting to all. Doug
  8. silver dog doug

    Off prospecting again

    Good luck and may God Bless. Doug
  9. Thanks Steve. Call when you get a chance. Doug
  10. Thanks Jeff, and happy hunting. Doug
  11. Not sure if the chiggars are out yet, but I sprayed repellent before I started, just in case. Where I was, the Ants are bad. They always attack when you are digging. Thanks . Doug
  12. Where I am going there isn't any gold. Guess I will be looking for space rocks for a while. Adam, it amazing how it cools down when your finding nuggets. You take care and find some cool down nuggets. Doug
  13. silver dog doug

    Memorial Day Weekend Hunt

    Rick, that 1/4 ozer is going to look great hanging from Sharon's neck. Thanks for finding it for her. Doug
  14. silver dog doug

    Memorial Day

    Great idea Terry, Silver Doug. US Navy 1956-1960. God bless our Armed services.
  15. Way to go, Mike, Mark, and Bob. Glad to know that we Arizona boys can share our gold with the boys from Ca.. They (Lucky,Jeff and Steve) have shared theirs with me, and I appreciate it. Nice Gold . Doug
  16. silver dog doug


    Happy Birthday Chris, May you have many more than I have had. Silver Dog
  17. silver dog doug

    Small Dink

    Gregg, a one gramer is not bad. Last yr. I found 8 nuggets weighting a total of 1 Gram. Go back and find its Dad. Happy hunting. Doug
  18. silver dog doug

    Greaterville gives up another one

    Gene, I did Beep all around the tree, lots of trash. Yes, we are supposed to fill all holes. As you know sometimes they can be large, when you are using a minelab. Hope that you are finding big Australian Nuggs. Doug
  19. silver dog doug

    Greaterville gives up another one

    Jeff, I did set up my chair under the oak tree, but after about 10 minutes, something pulled me out and back to beeping. When it's 75 degrees and your in a world all your own, it is pretty nice. Take care and happy hunting. Doug
  20. silver dog doug

    Greaterville gives up another one

    Thanks Steve, and Lucky. It is almost large enough for another pendant. Trying to find one for my daughter in Bakersfield. Happy hunting. Doug
  21. silver dog doug

    2 new patches, 9.5 ounes

    Congrats, what a find. The gold Gods where looking out for you. Silver Dog
  22. silver dog doug

    2.2oz nugget found

    From one oldeone to another, great find. Hope the area yields you more and bigger. Silver dog
  23. silver dog doug

    Great 5 day hunt

    Bob, All that I know,is that is great looking gold.I am happy for you and your pals. Happy hunting. Doug
  24. silver dog doug

    power cable

    Thanks Chris, I will give it a look see, and let you know.