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  1. What an epic find Chris !! Would love to know the story behind those nuggets
  2. Good grief ! Thats amazing !!!
  3. What a gorgeous piece of gold.....I`m going to start hunting in Mojave County !!
  4. What a fantastic piece ! I know that road !!!
  5. Nice to see you post Chris, and what a great haul of nuggets ! Awesome !
  6. Burn scars in California pay off for detectorists
  7. Yes !! That is impressive ...
  8. Adam

    Almost an Ounce!

    What an awesome specimen !
  9. Yeah, you were "sold" on the Sadie coil when you found one nugget with it, and had to go all the way to Australia to get it .? I am starting my bike ride now, but I can see dark clouds to the south.
  10. I will ride my bike from Dolan Springs to the gold basin tomorrow Jen, Can we go detecting together?
  11. Wow !! Wish I needed a pouch for my nuggets ?
  12. That`s really neat Chris.! Hope they are very prosperous !
  13. Really cool Chris ! Thats probably some really old gold
  14. Well done fella`s ....Great pieces of gold there !!
  15. Love it ! ....Well Done !
  16. Awesome ! Cant be easy to find gold out that way...
  17. Amazing what a little confidence can do ! Nice color
  18. Nice work Chris ! Thanks for sharing
  19. Very impressive ! Those are quality looking specimens
  20. Adam

    A good day out

    Very pretty gold, Congrats !