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  1. Guys, Sorry if this is the wrong venue for this question but I need to get a quick solution. My buddy's GPX4000 power button is starting to crap out on him. He doesnt want to send it in to Minelab and be without it for weeks. Has anyone replaced the switch, either with a pushbutton or toggle, themselves? I just need to find a good switch to use. Would like to find one like the toggle on my 5000 but have not been able to (I described it to Mouser Elec. and they had never heard of such a switch). I know I can just put an on/off toggle on it but figured there was a good reason minelab didnt do that on the 5000. The 5000 has a push down on, push down off toggle which returns to center after actuation. Once I know what part to use I will have no problems installing it. Hope someone can help. Thanks, Taz On a side note: Really sucks to hear about the Latrobe field being closed
  2. yeah i could try that keyboard cleaner that evaporates quickly. I'll suggest that to him. Funny thing, the button still works but he has to push it about 5-20 times to get it to work. Thx TAZ
  3. Chris, My buddy called them and asked if he could buy the switch, they said no. He didnt ask for the p/n: though. They may be willing to give that?? I'm not gonna lay any bets either way on that one. We'll definitly ask though. Thx TAZ
  4. Robert, Thanks for finding this. I'll have to take a closer look at the specs though. In some (most) ways I am electrically retarded (oops not PC) but I think that the gpx 5000 switch is not true "momentary" which by definition would mean that the switch "switches" only as long as you hold it, then when you release, the switch goes back to its' "normal" state which is normally closed or normally open depending on which switch you buy. I was able to talk my buddy into sending his into minelab, I will let him borrow my spare gp3000 while it is in the shop. He hasnt sent it yet so if I can find the correct switch I will probably fix it for him. Thanks for taking the time to find this. TAZ
  5. I bought a pair of these a month or 2 back for $89 at REI online. They are waterproof mid high and have a wide toe box so they fit wide feet nicely. I dont really need waterproof but this feature also helps keep out dirt and rocks when i am digging monster holes. I have not hiked much more than a mile at a time in them so I can't comment on them being comfortable on longer hikes. My 2 cents! TAZ
  6. It is definitely out of warranty. I told him minelab would prob fix for free but he says he just cant live without it. I'll try to talk him into sending it. I was hoping someone had done this themselves and was able to find the correct type of switch for the 4000 or even better the switch on the 5000. If he wont send it in, I'll just go get him a toggle from radio shack or elec supplier. thx all. Taz
  7. Hi all. I bought Grubstakes Uncles 5000 after Christmas and love it! On a side note I want to thank Grubstake and his Uncle. I bought my first Extreme from Grub and now the 5000 from his Uncle. They are good people! Now my problem: I have had this issue before with the extreme but was having it really bad recently with the 5000 in Fine Gold setting, and yes I am really in fine gold, I made the mistake once of putting it in ENHANCE on the front panel and fine gold in the menu (which = ENHANCE) anyway, I will go over a spot and hear what I think is a good signal and then dig it as usual. What I find is that all of my "spoils" sound off. So in other words almost all of my dug out dirt sounds off like crazy. I can balance it out but if the coil goes off the pile at all it then sounds off on the undug dirt. It seems to be worse when the dirt is damp but every so often it will do it in dry patches as well. I even dug dirt that didnt sound off until after it dug! I watched JP's 5000 video and saw the minelab guy run banded iron stone and the like over the coil in fine gold with no problems and no ground balancing required. as far as I could see. Am I asking too much of the detector or am i doing something wrong? Thanks, TAZ
  8. It came with the detector I think it is called Unwrapping the GPX5000?
  9. Thanks guys, After you mentioned trying enhanced I thought about it more. the time before at this spot when i found the 5 small nuggets all about .2-.3 gram, I "thought" I was in Fine. After that I watched JP's video and realized, I was really in Enhance. So I said to my self I wonder what small stuff I was missing by not having it in Fine. So the next time I went I had my brain stuck on Fine and how much better it was on hot ground. etc etc. Yeah I need to not forget to experiment! I'll let you know what happens this weekend if I get out there. I'll blame JP's video for saying he has only been detecting in FINE since getting the 5000! Seeing him find all that small gold got me jacked up and ready to do the same! TAZ
  10. Hi all. I'm looking for a Hermit pick. It's ok if it has cracks in the shovel head or a broken handle, I can fix that stuff. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it. There are 2 reasons I am looking for a used one. 1) I asked Bill Southern to ship one a few months back and was told he did not ship. 2) I already have one of my own which I love but it looks like the design of the shovel head has changed a bit??? and I'm not sure I like the looks of it????. If anyone has a new one (they will ship), especially with the 36" handle let me know. Thanks, TAZ
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    Bunk, got it today! Sweet! The check is in the mail. TAZ
  12. Thanks guys. Another strange thing is that I had found 5 small nuggets in this same exact area two weeks prior with no problems after digging. Then it rained and now the problem with the disturbed dirt. Before digging each time i would swear there is a nice small target in the ground and would continue to hear it in the hole until the signal would disappear. Then I would run the coil over my pile even a small pile from a scrape and the entire pile sounds off. I would spread the dirt out as thin possible and sometimes it would quiet down but if the hole was any depth at all there was no way for me to spread it out thin enough to try to see if a small target was in the thinned out dirt. I do make a habit of balancing right next to my digs prior to, and during a dig from time to time and that did absolutely nothing. I would spread out the dirt and balance in one portion of it and then detect another portion, hoping to hear the target but never could. I have found coarse gold and know the area has some very hot spots. I would think that disturbing hot ground would disperse the mineralisation but in these cases it seems to make it worse? Remember also I did 1 or 2 digs on ground with no signal but after digging, the pile sounded off. I am just wondering if it is the wet dirt making more conductive or something? TAZ
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    You know it! I think the old timers would dig a test hole...find nothin...sit in it while drinking a beer or eating from a tin can...and then cover it up just to piss me off! I'd rather they had crapped in the hole. One of these times that deep hole will have something nice in it. Right?????? TAZ
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    oh yeah, I know, I have one. Bunk is gonna make me a 36" lg one!
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    Thanks Bunk, I will. I was looking at your website and noticed the shovel head looked flatter than the one i have(at least in the picture)but the ones you showed here look more like mine. Bill, I wasn't knocking you, I just wanted another one and thought you were the mfg/distributor for these based on old internet posts and I knew you didnt ship these. I love my pick so much i was willing to buy one that was broken! Thanks guys! TAZ
  16. I went back to the spot i found that last one. I was hoping there would be more and was not disappointed. The total weight in the picture including the one from two weeks ago is 11.8 grams. I think I mentioned last time that I found a tin of blasting caps 15 foot from the long nugget. I would assume the guy was trying to blast the vein this gold came from? Should we be looking for that vein or is it more likely that most of the gold has already eroded out of the vein? I decided to try my GMT to see if there was any small gold that the ML was missing. In 10 minutes I found the 2nd smallest nugget (cauliflower) but after another hour with no gold, I switched back to the Extreme. In another 3 hours I had found 4 more. So far all this gold has been found in a narrow strip about 75 foot wide, from the top of the ridge and then going down 50 foot. When i go to the left or right of this zone I dont find any more gold. I know that we can search the area and find more that I missed and I would assume there is a good chance we can continue down the slope and find more? The sun + searching and digging on a steep hillside really sapped my strength and honestly I wanted to save some for my prospecting partner who wasnt able to be there, so i left at noon. Later, TAZ
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    Patch in a Pan..

  19. Hey all! I have not posted in a long while. I have not had much time for detecting lately and the last three days i went i got nada! We have been doing a lot of exploring and finding some areas that really looked good but just not finding any gold. Well last saturday I finally got a nice nugget. It is 53 grains. Not big for many of you but it's my second biggest. I don't care how big it is, it's a thing of beauty to me! I was making altogether too much noise when i found it! My buddy found one half this size and almost as rough about 10 feet away. He found it while i went back to the truck. Claim jumper! Later, TazmanP6110353.pdf P6110352.pdf
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    Thanks guys. I really hope we are on to something here! As far as we can tell no one has prospected here for a long time and we are pretty sure no detectors. Both the nuggets we found were only a couple inches down. Any detector could have found these. We are on a hillside where a small amount of ancient river gravels are spilling over into the canyon but the gravel is few and far between. actually where we found our nuggets had a large vein sticking through the dirt. I also found a very old rusted thru tin of blasting caps buried beside a large boulder. I guess someone was trying to blast the vein? I would think this gold has not traveled far from its' source? Thanks TAZ
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  22. That is just flat out Redamndiculous! Awesome! "We are not worthy!"
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    God Bless America!

    It was a little strange with the burial at sea and all but I can't imagine anyone stupid enough to say someone like Bin Laden was dead if it wasn't true. The shitstorm that would come up if he surfaced again would be huge and much worse than just not getting him to begin with (if that makes sense) I think if there is something funny going on here, it is that he is in some dungeon getting ready to be tortured for the next 10-20 years of his remaining life. Taz
  24. For what it's worth. I have a Platypus coil and I love it. I "feel" it finds smaller and deeper gold than the stock minelab 11" dd and as you know it is waterproof. Also you dont have to force it under the water like you do other coils not designed to be under water. It is fairly cheap too. It is a pain to get gold from under the water but try combining two of the most fun prospecting activities, detecting and sniping! Bring your plunger tube and strap it to your back! suck the small amount of gravel up and squirt it out onto some exposed bedrock up on dry land. Taz
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    Bigfoot patch

    That really is some sweet looking gold. Like there's any other kind...AS IF! Keep it up! This will be the first weekend in 3 weeks i will be able to get out and do some detecting. It looks like spring has finally come to Nor Cal! Hopefully you havent been here lately, there just might be some left. later, TAZMAN