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  1. beatup

    Almost an Ounce!

    that is some fine detecting ,congrats to the finder
  2. beatup

    Couple of Ounces!

    Dang he done good
  3. those bars look great sitting on that coil
  4. Thanks posting this Dick
  5. beatup

    Backyard Surprise!

    My cousins used to keep a bull snake in their shop on the farm just keep the rattle snakes out of it work real good.
  6. beatup

    Backyard Surprise!

    Keep that Bull snake around Chris he will eat any rattlers that come around.
  7. have a great 4th everyone
  8. very cool nice to see the real thing
  9. sorry to hear of jim passing away
  10. Old school still getting it done,congrats
  11. good job detecting
  12. I want to do a trip on that road one day soon.