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  1. wish it was the winter season so i could take advantage of the floods, but you local guys go out and enjoy.
  2. Thanks for sharing Chris , I was going to say it is a mortar too.
  3. you and the family have a great time in the great white north Chris .
  4. congrats to the finder a good job detecting .
  5. Thanks to all who serve
  6. I had to go over to Monterey the end of march to help out my relations with moving some things back to Wyoming,but made time for a day trip on the way back home for a bit of detecting. just took the GB pro with me and managed to find a few small bits,all found hunting bedrock cracks and crevices . fortunately for me the weather was great and the snow melt was not to bad where i went.
  7. great little find Chris
  8. beatup

    Future Prospectors!

    Very cool Chris thanks for sharing.
  9. It,s always a good time at that hunt.
  10. looks like you guys had a great day out Chris,thanks for posting.
  11. beatup

    New Forum Upgrade

    looks good,nice upgrade
  12. that will teach them dig those targets,congrats to the finders.