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  1. beatup


    Happy Thanksgiving everyone
  2. Congrats ,gold that size comes out of the black hills very seldom these days, you should be proud of that piece.
  3. congrats on finding some good gold.
  4. beatup

    His First Trip Out!

    i'd say it works quite well,congrats to the finder
  5. congrats to the finders
  6. That's why if i find a casing that is crimped or pluged with anything i open them up and look inside,cause you never know.
  7. beatup

    Now that is brushy!

    congrats to the finder,looks like a real work out detecting in that brush.
  8. Nice nuggets Chris, that gold spider set off the detectors too?
  9. Congrats on finding a real beauty, .
  10. good looking gold and congrats to the finder
  11. That big ones a dandy and the small ones arn't bad either .
  12. good going,nice recovery of that little piece of gold
  13. congrats to the finder,Chris thanks for sharing.
  14. Great story Jen,congrats on finding a nice one.
  15. O Yea that's the good stuff thanks for sharing Chris
  16. it's will be out there for you on your next trip out