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  1. congrats guys,good stuff
  2. You get no guarantee with any coil,what you find with it is all up to the users skill.
  3. beatup

    A Stunning Nugget!

    Geez, Chris many more posts like the last two and I'm out of here and headed down under...
  4. What a haul,thanks for sharing Chris
  5. beatup

    Next to the Truck!

    Holy cow,move the truck and detect were it was parked
  6. Nice stuff keep up the good work
  7. It is beautiful country Chris,thanks for sharing.
  8. Good looking gold,Dick
  9. great photos Chris,thanks for sharing
  10. beatup

    Freshly Dug Beach Gold

    nice, must have been tough targeting that ring if the lobster was moving around
  11. It looks like some lonely country, thanks for sharing Chris.
  12. Thanks to all who have served.
  13. Congrats to the finder
  14. beatup

    Go-Find Strikes Again!

    congrats on the finds
  15. beatup

    Her Best Find so Far!

    Nice,she looks happy with her find
  16. beatup

    A real quick hunt

    Nice little nuggets guys
  17. Good going guys,congrats
  18. beatup

    Unknown 'Friend'

    Scamers are always thinking of new ways to get you to fall for their lies so by tracking sites you visit and trying to use them to gain your trust they think they can get you to fall for their scams.
  19. Congrats to your customer Chris