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  1. Looks like some rich hill specimens
  2. well done and congrats on some great gold
  3. yea the one on right still looks like a kid
  4. nice haul for the day chris
  5. Congrats on your first GPX nugget
  6. congrats on the great finds
  7. A sad day yesterday when i heard the news about Fred , rest in peace .
  8. Well done Chris , keep up the good work
  9. Looks good doc can't wait to see how well they do out in the field when you get some rods in .Thanks for the update.
  10. beatup

    19 ounce monster

    Great video thanks for for sharing Jen
  11. Nice one congrats to the finder
  12. well done on a great find , that is different finding all those pieces together with that much color variation .
  13. wonderful, good luck all you detectorists
  14. Well done on the first day out with the 7K
  15. Happy Holidays to you and yours Chris.
  16. Pretty pieces you guys beeped ,can't wait a couple more weeks and i will be doing the same.
  17. Good job by the instructor and congrats to the students.
  18. Pretty little group of nuggets Chris the tin lid is a neat find also