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  1. great day out in the desert Chris
  2. pretty piece congrats to the finder.
  3. Have a great Thanksgiving everybody
  4. what a find congrats to the finder sure looks like it has not traveled far as course as it looks.
  5. great job ,congrats to the group.
  6. looks to be a great spot Chris
  7. Yes that's a nice reward for digging a two foot hole .
  8. Great variety nuggets,congrats to the finder.
  9. a good days fun you guys
  10. great find for that young girl .
  11. beatup

    Close to 4-Ounces!

    yes indeed thanks for sharing .
  12. That detector should give them quite the advantage Chris
  13. Congrats to the finder that one is a real beauty.
  14. They are some of the best cholla protection you can use.
  15. Couple pretty pieces Frank
  16. beatup

    Almost an Ounce!

    Outstanding find , congrats to the finder.
  17. wish it was the winter season so i could take advantage of the floods, but you local guys go out and enjoy.
  18. Thanks for sharing Chris , I was going to say it is a mortar too.