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  1. very cool nugget nice to know there are big ones left in my home state
  2. good looking setup,frank.
  3. very cool , karla and good advice.
  4. bob, those pants were from big bear sporting goods.
  5. Everyone, just a qwick pictue of after the days hunt. ( IT'S MILLER TIME )
  6. beatup

    3 pieces

    good looking gold montana, it is kind of fun to just see the gold and pick it up like that.
  7. NICE; way to go tom keep it up and more will follow.
  8. well everyone i have a picture of a little butterfly i found in january along the interstate in AZ. i was on my way to the gold show in mesa now i found it by chance will releving myself at one of the more popular stoping spots along that perticular route and as you can see it just loves to sit and on my coil must be a electromagnetic attaction
  9. Nice work chris, they might be small but still they are nice to look at .
  10. montana i found the snow yesterday driving thru salt lake on my way home from AZ.it was a winter wonderland all the way to sheridan wyo.
  11. Mike when i got forum update on my blackberry i thought you found the big one!!!sorry it turned out to be something else but i was truly impressed by your willingness to dig that hole keep up the good work
  12. that is some nice gold there oak, i also agree with you about auto tune.
  13. yea mike i had a good time also , sure beat being home and working hope the house thing goes well and you have some time to go and get the big one.
  14. Went out hunting with mike furness a few days in congress this last week covered a fair amount of ground had a real good time and even was able to come up with one small nugget to add to the poke. Did get to see for myself just how small a target the new 5000 will find (just the pointy end of an old boot tack) an it was small.
  15. beatup

    Rain on the Way!

    mike, it rained hard all the way from wenden to quartzsite yesterday, but sure made the air smell sweet in yuma and that is saying something(cleaned out all the california smog and dust.).
  16. way to go , now they just better with every find.
  17. busspass, keene engenering has a rael good suit made just for dredgers (even has a zipper in the crotch real handy when you have go).
  18. good for you lunk nice little nuggets.
  19. Holy S#!T, is right way to go.
  20. Nice little nugget,looks like a piece of lead shapnel to me.