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  1. Nice haul of nuggets lunk the quartz specimen is a nice one.
  2. Well everyone the first hunt of the season was a good one. Went out to the middle camp area west of quartzsite sat. and sunday found four pieces wieghing .6 to 3.1 grams. I was using my 4000 and a 14 inch advantage elip. coil, what a great combo. Chris , the detac speaker system you sent me worked terrific, thank for heads up on that.
  3. beatup

    New AZ Nuggets

    good looking handfull of nuggets chris.
  4. Hello everyone,well i am almost in the desert made it to ceder city utah today should make it yuma monday nite and hope to be detecting soon there after, good luck to all of you out there.
  5. glad i am on the road , no tv so i don't think about it .
  6. You bet !! I would do for free .
  7. Been here 5 days now feels like a heat wave to me.
  8. terry,that's the perfect excuse to go to tucson, thanks for the picture.
  9. beatup

    Arizona Weather

    Rain and snow in az., well at lest i will feel wright at home when i get down there in the desert,was going to head out to yuma on the 31st. but we have a blizzard in most of wyoming today and won't clear out till the 1st., so i will be a day late and most likely asleep at the wheel by the time i roll in to yuma.
  10. Redbeard very cool finds way to go man.
  11. beatup

    Merry Christmas

    From cold and snowy wyoming, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you nugget hunters.
  12. thanks lunk, got to be in yuma in january helping my brother work on his house but still wanted to hunt around quartzsite thanks for the info.
  13. Anyone out there, i know of the quartzsite metal detectors club but i think that there are other clubs in the area, if anyone has any info i would appreciate some feedback. thanks.
  14. good job finding that patch.
  15. Guys, I need a new gps device my old garmin gps72 finaly died so i am looking to get a new one and just wanted some input on any of the new models out there, you know info like the ease of use,programability,memory,and if you can see the screen in direct sunlight. Any info will helpfull.
  16. I tell you what guys, so far this show is like watching an accident happening in slow motion wright before your eyes.
  17. OK the gold rush show is lame, what i want to see is terry and crew find a really big one ( cool pics).
  18. Thanks for the info everyone,decided to get an Etex,liked the size and ease of use.
  19. MinlabAZ, here are some photos of my rig it is simple and cheap ( just under 30 bucks for materials). 1 small storage bin (holds contol box) 4 broom clips to snap bin to rack (screw each to bottom of bin) 1 small fork to hold coil in place (mount to front rack,coil shaft will snap into the fork) around 4 feet of double side velcro (1.5 inches wide) small amount of foam to pad bottom of bin
  20. Ron looks like part of an old bed(brass bed)decoration.
  21. nice first day redbeard it's great when a hunch works out like that.
  22. thanks all for the info i will put it to good use.