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  1. nice gold for the area you were working zman.
  2. Ron, nice little nuggets, you and everyone else that are out hunting in warm AZ. are getting me all wound up to be in AZ. hunting too, but i can't leave till the end of december, but i will have all of february and january to get warm and swing the detector. Good luck to you.
  3. Very cool jennifer,it is cool someone somewere is still using the old skills and old tech to get the gold.
  4. beatup

    Washington Gold

    doug, years ago i used to find gold up around republic and in the wenatchee and cashsmire areas this was in the 70s and early 80s. good luck i know its still there but i'm sure those areas are all claimed up now by clubs or individuals.
  5. way to go tazman,any gold you find in the mother area is allways cool.
  6. dennis, cool stuff , the nuggets might not be gold but they are still fun to find.
  7. mt miner, i agree with chris the 14 inch elip.nugget finder coil is just a solid all around performing coil it will find the large nuggets but most importantly it will find the small stuff, good luck to you.
  8. Looks and sounds like it was a good day chris.
  9. beatup

    Pumpkin time

    Nice gorde you got there Allen.
  10. Mike, I am planing on being in yuma by january, going to hang out with my little brother and work on his house.I will make trips around AZ. and southern Cal.,I plan on being in the congress area in february.
  11. Mike you are way to funny, see you in AZ. this winter
  12. beatup

    Amazing Specimen!

    Chris very cool piece of gold
  13. beatup

    Some Finnish Gold

    Cool pics, nice to see some overseas gold.
  14. way to go road dog, nice lump of gold!!.
  15. congrats on the award chris!!.
  16. A real great new look chris
  17. Those black bears do become use to people and do not fear them after a while, but i don't trust the moose more then the bears ,I've been run up trees twice by a mad momma moose.
  18. Way to go you two,it looks like a good time was had by all.
  19. Hello everyone; I made a quick trip to pacific grove a couple of weeks ago, so nautraly i had to delay going back home and look for some gold while out there. Now i saw some new country (the bagby and moccasin areas were interesting but no gold found).But i did find two small pickers crevicing at Italian bar,and two more small nuggets when i went back through navada were i met up with a buddy from lovelock who took us out to one of his hot spots,(and boy was it hot )
  20. beatup

    i am back...

    Nice bit of humor fred, just had the same experiance with the city gov. here ,they are putting a gas main through one of our pastures and below the house.
  21. beatup

    Weekend Rainy Hunt

    nice little finds chris,like you said, bets sitting at home.
  22. Hello everyone; just got back home from montana this last sunday, did a little 2day dredge trip with several buds, had a great time the weather was just perfect and the gold was good ,lots of fine flour gold and even some good little pickers. Got to pan the fine stuff yet but here is a pic of the pickers.
  23. hello everyone, i am headed to pacific grove the middle of august after a qwick visit, i am heading to columbia to do some detecting and snipping,but would like to know if there are any areas up north along highway 49 that are open to go metal detecting , i will only have a couple of days to play around up that way before heading back home to get back to work, i could use some suggestions. thanks all.