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  1. well, it's hot here in wyoming and no one wants to swing the beepers so i guess that means it's time to go underwater again and suck up some more gold and cool off in a nice little stream and find the good yellow metal. bye all.
  2. good looking finds gregg .
  3. Way to go Road Dog, very impressive bunch of nuggets you have there.
  4. what a great looking place to go detecing in.
  5. congrats, to you mrs. lucky , it's allways great when you find super nice nuggets like that one!.
  6. Hay uncle ron that is a nice copper nugget, i found one this last winter in AZ. also,not as big as yours it's weight is a little over 8oz.
  7. Man that is one fine looking ball of gold and quartz.
  8. beatup

    Gem Dandies

    Cool cabs you guys,nice work.
  9. well guys i just got back from my first dredge run of the spring it was super, great weather and cold water (40degrees) not to bad but got cold toes after 3 days of working the creek,there is about 21 grams in the pan,this gold comes out of northern montana.
  10. Yes it's fun justin,but i still like swinging the detector alot more, i guess it's the stimulation of the hunt and the not knowing what you think or hope you are going to find.
  11. yea you can never have enough training for cattle guards.
  12. guys i live in sheridan wyoming, and that gold came out of the little rocky mts. also do some metal detecting up around the townsend area lots of good tailing piles there.
  13. geof,good luck out there hope you have some great pics when you get back.
  14. nugget7 those words say it so well,thanks for your post.
  15. nice nuggets you guys way to go
  16. super space rock, chris
  17. been there & done that and never even left the usa to do it.
  18. one gramers are nice too.
  19. nice lump oldone,makes for a great day when you find one like that.
  20. WOW_WEE!!! road dog you are the top dog,super find, that is really a nice bunch of nuggets.
  21. Ah washington gold i have many good memories of finding gold there as a kid mostly around cashmere and peshastin spent a lot my younger days in wenatchee raising cain(hell)on my uncles apple orcherd when wern't up in the hills.
  22. Guys i live in northern wyo. , but the major amount of my dredge time is done in northern montana in the little rockie mountians,and you can do real good up there you just have to be smart about how you go about looking for the gold because it is really pocketed up and when you do find it, it will be good but like all things like that, it takes alot of work to get it but that is what makes the hunt so fun.
  23. Well i am sitting here in cold and snowy wyoming reading the stories in forums and getting all wound up, can't detect because of snow and wind but the up side is with new snow there is going to be water in the creeks and dredging time is fast aproching ,so in a couple of weeks i will be under 45 degree water sucking up the oro and just having a dam good time .
  24. woo hoo that is one d#%* cool chunk of gold , i wounder what kind of detector he was using.