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  1. yea border boy like lucky say a new machine can do wonders for you,i like my 4000 too .
  2. Good going gregg,those are really nice specimens now that you got the first ones found all the others should come a little easier and hopefully a lot more often .
  3. That sure is some nice looking gold chris,thanks for sharing.
  4. beatup

    Nice one

    Sweet nugget, way to go!!!
  5. beatup

    A picture for Matt

    Beutiful Gold flatland, it's a pleasure to see it.
  6. That is just a dominance ritual thay do the strongest male gets to mate.
  7. Hi chris,looks like you could be a scorpion wisperer
  8. Nice nuggets flatland(real good looking stuff).
  9. Chris, nice pictures and some good gold makes me want to go back south to swing the detector, but work calls and soon i will be able to do some dredging. Keep on showing the good finds, I got to keep motivated.
  10. Redbeard , that guy is alright , GOLD & BEER what a combo.
  11. Really nice finds, way to build that poke.
  12. beatup

    A few nuggets today

    Way to go Chris always good to see fresh gold exposed to the light of day.
  13. Don't need to be a redneck to like what you done , that's a sweet clip.
  14. beatup

    A Good Spanking

    It sure is good to have a detecting partner like Mrs. Lucky working with you, it looks as if you had agood day (woo hoo)!!!.
  15. A nice little pair of nuggets you got there perry, glad to see the lucky linda is giving up the gold to others as well,
  16. chris, the show was of great interest to me, the geologlical info was really good and gives a guy alot to think about when out in the field. thanks again for the heads up about the program.
  17. Way to go lumpy,you know,you can't stop with one so keep at it there will be more and bigger ones to come.
  18. Hello everyone,just got home this sunday and already want to come back but have to start work on the ranch and get ditchs in shape for irrigation season. Anyhow I did ok this trip no biguns but a pair of nice ones and three small ones. These came from the rich hill area,quartzsite area,and the bumbulbee area. Lots of traveling,seeing new ground,meeting new people to hunt with and learn from.
  19. Thanks for the good words guys,and you mike, looks like a blast to be out in the kiyak,could not tell if a fishing pole was on that rig. Any way now that i am back and work is underway,decided to get the dredge out and do some matinance and clean up on it.It is 45 degrees outside today only a few more weeks and i can be in montana,under water and sucking up the yellow metal again. Well guys thats all for now,have a good day you all.
  20. Way to go,looks and sounds like a good day for you and your pals,keep it up.
  21. Thanks for the heads up chris,I will want to see that show.
  22. way to go!!!.those are some good looking finds, keep it up
  23. Hi Mike, it was good meeting you. Just got home this last sunday did find one more small piece. Well, maybe we will get together and do it next year . keep on swinging the stick... Beatup.
  24. Hey Mike if you are in congress you must be at the smallest motel in arizona(Sierra Vista Motel),really like that place,I will be coming down by next sunday i"ll give you a ring if you want a hunting partner.Got to go and renew my weaver club membership first thing thou. Good hunting to you.
  25. Hey Lumpy I know you will find a nugget soon. with that 4000,I use one too.Have done real well with it up around the townsend area(confederate gulch).