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  1. way to go!!!.those are some good looking finds, keep it up
  2. Hi Mike, it was good meeting you. Just got home this last sunday did find one more small piece. Well, maybe we will get together and do it next year . keep on swinging the stick... Beatup.
  3. Hey Mike if you are in congress you must be at the smallest motel in arizona(Sierra Vista Motel),really like that place,I will be coming down by next sunday i"ll give you a ring if you want a hunting partner.Got to go and renew my weaver club membership first thing thou. Good hunting to you.
  4. Hey Lumpy I know you will find a nugget soon. with that 4000,I use one too.Have done real well with it up around the townsend area(confederate gulch).
  5. beatup

    Good Ground Photos

    Hey Chris, thanks for the photos, it's just what i needed to see to get myself pumped up and ready to go hunting, It snowed most of the morning here in wyoming,watching it cover the ground while working on my coils and day dreaming of warmer days and maybe a nugget or more.
  6. Just cleaning up some of my files and came across this pic.,it is the US bank in baker oregon,gives me the fever big time every time i stop in there for a looksee.
  7. Oh well, sorry to here that,hope it all works out,thanks for the reply.
  8. sourdough, if you are anywhere near stanton the second week of feb.,i would like to look at your camper,looks good and price seem fair. you can email me at bret1354@gmail.com and let me know,(if you have not sold it ) thanks beatup
  9. beatup

    more gold points

    Cool points, just out of curiosity do you knapping with a copper pointed tool or good old antler.
  10. Hello everyone,do'es anybody outthere know if the 24karat gold hunters club is still going,I see that their website has been suspened,I was going domn to congress and wanted to see if they are still doing their pushes on their claims.
  11. yea I know what you mean, did'nt bring the atv this last trip down, had too many guys and prospecting supplies, but i am trveling lite this trip just me an atv 2 dectectors and a tent. Would use the camper but friends took it the baja, going beach combing.
  12. Thanks mike ,allready a member, but what about the why not claims or the roadrunners. Yea i plan to be there by feb 7th.
  13. beatup

    AZO Outing Update

    Thanks chris, to bad it's not at rich hill but , gpaa show should be good too.
  14. thanks,good to know saves the $350 for other things
  15. the road into stanton was washboarded pretty good but with the recent rains maybe they will blade the road
  16. really nice hope to find a space rock down there sometime soon myself, but to find one and gold too, all i can say is way to go.
  17. The best advice i can give is to do you reserch on what you want to do with your detector, then when you've made your choice, practice with it all you can till it's second nauture .
  18. Wow guys i left az. last saturday to come back home to northern wyo. because the family thuoght the weather would be bad here this week, but no it's been sunny and in the 40's a real haetwave for this time of year. Anyway hope everybody does well throughout this storm, and the hunting gets good after the wash.
  19. beatup

    Pile Of Nuggets

    Got to love those beat up nugget patchs
  20. Hay oakwoodtrucker,I know what you mean,I like the way my 4000 works on the small stuff & i really like it with the new 14inch advantage coil.
  21. hello everyone just got back home with first little nuggets of 2010 and a piece of a stone tool nuggets range in size from 4grains to 60grains,don't know about stone tool loved the 70degree weather in AZ., sure beat the 20 below in wyoming. will be back down to do it again in february.