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  1. looks like you guys had a great day out Chris,thanks for posting.
  2. beatup

    New Forum Upgrade

    looks good,nice upgrade
  3. that will teach them dig those targets,congrats to the finders.
  4. nice handfull, congrats to the finder.
  5. beatup

    New Mexico Gold!

    nice solid nugget,thanks for sharing chris
  6. beatup

    Great weekend hunt!

    Nice finds you guys ,sounds like it was fun despite the cold
  7. Headed home to Wyoming Tuesday , but just thought i would share a photo of all our finds for this year.
  8. Mike i headed home today and when i got to Flagstaff Eric texted me to let me know he popped a 13.97 gram piece out of the ground today.
  9. Not a big find but a nice little specimen piece just a bit over 2 grams.
  10. Good ole GPZ 7000, Hawkeye
  11. Now those are some sweet finds,a BIG congrats to the finders,thanks for posting this chris
  12. Congrats on finding some real nice gold
  13. very nice finds thanks for sharing Chris
  14. Some of my Yuma gold from this January,Lots and Lots of walking.
  15. Stay healthy and well Chris.
  16. Went out today and recovered my smallest piece of gold to date with my 7000 it went .03 of a gram
  17. Mine and my brothers first Arizona gold of the new year all found with gpz 7000's 6.20 grams and 5.54 grams .
  18. beatup

    A Golden New Year!

    nice ones Chris and a happy new year to you and yours
  19. looks like he got into a nice pocket