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  1. beatup

    A Golden New Year!

    nice ones Chris and a happy new year to you and yours
  2. looks like he got into a nice pocket
  3. 4500 would be a great way to go.
  4. beatup

    A good day out

    nice nuggets ,congrats Mike
  5. congrats reworking that patch
  6. beatup

    Tried a new spot

    Nice finds Chris,getting set to head to Arizona in a couple weeks hope to find a few good pieces too.
  7. good to hear,thanks for the update Chris
  8. good going on sniffing out those pieces
  9. pretty little piece,congrats
  10. looks like a good day out
  11. beatup

    Feathers of Silver

    that is just an outstanding find.
  12. nice going you guys,your making me want to head south
  13. Congrats Chris ,i can't wait to get back down to the desert this winter.