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  1. beatup

    Freshly dug gold!

    It's always good to follow your hunches, congrats indeed to the finder.
  2. Great find and in great condition too
  3. Woop-t-do what haul,congrats to the detectorist.
  4. congrats on getting the gold
  5. several bad fire years in your part of the country Chris,Hope everyone stays safe.
  6. Outstanding Chris,looks and sounds like the family had a good time.
  7. congrats on some well earned gold
  8. thanks for posting this vid Chris
  9. Just don't get one close to your wallet it can wipe clean the magnetic strip on a credit card.
  10. beatup

    14x9 EVO

    congrats ,nice nuggets
  11. good job swinging that coil
  12. nice saves,congrats
  13. very cool find thanks for sharing Chris
  14. Happy belated birthday Chris.
  15. good job on pulling those out of the ground
  16. not bad odds chris almost a 50 50 chance of gold
  17. Congrats on some good detecting
  18. I want to go out with you on the weekend Chris