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  1. I like it all no mater what the size
  2. wow super piece of gold,congrats to the finder.
  3. nice nuggets congrats to the finder
  4. congrats you guys that is great
  5. Very cool dean,congrats on your's and chris's finds.
  6. Congrats on a nice nugget
  7. Good looking gold,congrats
  8. good going everyone
  9. beatup

    Freshly Dug Gold!

    More gold from the same area,smallest piece is only .05 gram all were found with a GPZ 7000
  10. happy belated birthday Mike
  11. beatup

    Freshly Dug Gold!

    My brother done good finding those
  12. congrats on getting that one
  13. Congrats on a great day detecting Dean
  14. let me guess where it came from mike ?
  15. Congrats Mike ,leaving wyo. on the 3rd hope to in in quartzsite by the 5th
  16. Here's to a golden new year everyone.
  17. I will be back detecting after the 1st of the year Chris,going to meet up with Mike and and who ever down in the Q