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  1. very interesting post Chris
  2. beatup

    Veteran's Day

    thank you to all who served
  3. what a great find and from a well hunted area as well
  4. beatup

    Pushing an Ounce!

    congrats to the finder
  5. congrats on finding that beauty
  6. it looks like it inserts into something so maybe a decorative finial
  7. Great finds Chris sorry i can not help with an I D
  8. beatup

    Digging up History

    Looks like a good day out
  9. nice find Chris sorry i can't help with a date
  10. beatup

    Quick Morning Hunt

    good detecting chris
  11. Nice when the earth gives up a surprise once in awhile
  12. Looks like it was a good day out
  13. good one chris
  14. Looks like some rich hill specimens
  15. well done and congrats on some great gold
  16. yea the one on right still looks like a kid
  17. nice haul for the day chris
  18. Congrats on your first GPX nugget
  19. congrats on the great finds