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  1. Yes it is the 750. Had a 05 500 Vinson and sold it with 7500 mi and the guy says it is doing great, then 07 700 and after 9750 mi. sold it to a guy going to Alaska and last I heard it is still going strong. I have done some ATV test riding and find the King as my choice over all that is out there.
  2. Yes it is the 750. Had a 05 500 Vinson and sold it with 7500 mi and the guy says it is doing great, then 07 700 and after 9750 mi. sold it to a guy going to Alaska and last I heard it is still going strong. I have done some ATV test riding and find the King as my choice over all that is out there.
  3. Street legal, excelent codition, new Maxxis radials and set up for 2. Lost use of right hand so need to sell. $6950 OBO. in Quartzsite, Az. 816-863-0233 Having trouble adding photo. Send me your e-address and will try to send them. Very clean well kept and just serviced
  4. Have lots of firewood if I can get help to load it, we will enough for a few days. Lost use of right hand so need help. I live here and know many trails so if I can help look for a green Geo Tracker or green 750 Suzuki King Quad. My claims are the Cactus 8-9between I-10 and south outer road. If you need any help call me at 816-863-0233
  5. If I can get some help I have large logs and lots of other wood, Lost use of right hand so need help loading it. As for ATV yes bring them down. 100s of miles of trails and only way to get to some areas. I live here and 2 of my claims are on north side between i-10 and south outer road. Cactus 8-9 are the claims and they are marked very well. I will be out in a green Geo Tracker or on my green 750 Suzuki King Quad. My number is 816-863-0233 if I can answer any questions about the area.
  6. Bunk if you will give me a call I will get with you as I can make signs if needed and have access to some fire wood. Was out there today and plenty of room as there is only about 8 rigs at this time. Was thinking area across from nugget ranglers claim and east end of my claim should have room for alot of rigs. #816-863-0233 Bill
  7. I stopped by the BLM camp host and talked to him about the outing. He asks that everyone stop off at his site and sign in. He said that BLM is thinking about closing this area off to camping as they don't think it is being used enough. So please stop and sign in even if you don't plan to camp there. He said ever signature will help keep it open. Standard BLM operation, so do your part and help us keep it open. Thanks for your help. His site is on the north side of the outer road and on the east side of the camping area. Nice people and they are asking for help so let's help them in keeping our area open.
  8. Sorry I have been out of touch about the outing. Please let me know if I can put up signs or anything to help. My claims are across the road so if we need anything call me at 816/863/0233, Bill. Have been in Missouri taking care of our 4000 sq ft home in the country that our great renters of 3 years did about $25,000 in damages. A month living on the floor on air matress and eating at McDs' will make you be glad to be out in the desert. Looking forward to a great winter and lots of gold. Come on down.
  9. We had a nice cool day today, only 110 in Quartzsite but it was a dry heat. I will do my best to help out and mark a spot for all. If it was like last Nov. we will have plenty of room. Like it was said by someone else , the rush is over but still not all gone. Besides, it would be a great time by all, so if you need any help and need signs made and set I will help.
  10. Come on down Guys, will keep the porch light on. I have the 2 claims between the hiway and outer road east of domerock underpass and others. Living full time here this year and going to Maycs Monday to correct a quack Dr operation on my right elbow. Lost use of my right arm and hand but hope to be up for a good time this fall. If I can help let me know. There should be plenty of room for all in Nov.. Was talking too an oldtimer that has worked here for over 40 years and told me that when the detector craze started down in this area it was nothing to get 30-40 nuggets a day. OOOOOOOOOOOO for the good old days. Hope to see a bunch of you and have a great time. I will have all the good spots marked for you. NOT. but come on down anyways
  11. Computer been in shop but to update all, sorry if I sound a little grouchy but just getting tired of all the crap we have to go through to just have a little fun, retire and die someday. We have made contact with some people that you all pointed us too. Thanks. To explain a little better we have a plan that we have been operating under but want to make a small change that under the laws, rules, heresay, regulations and so on is legal. But we are dealing with people that want us all gone. They want to return this area to what it was before the minning ever was in the area. Had a gov. woman stop me and my wife on a trail that we know was open and she told us that this area was a cultural off limits area because of indians that had been there, I asked where are the signs, then she informed us that this area we was in was closed because of the black tailed lizards in this area and no one was to be there. Again I asked where are the signs. No answer. This is just another tactic to keep everone out of thier desert.All lies. We will still go into that area because I have checked with the proper persons and have maps showing all off limit areas here. Some of the miners are planning to get together this fall after doing this contact work over the summer and try to get something done. We will do our best but with an election year comming up no telling what will happen. Thanks again
  12. Sorry Reno but we have been meeting all laws and regs but this new guy is writing new rules to the way he wants it. We are asking for and willing to pay to update and increas our operation by the law, so quit trying to read between the lines. I am not the best writer or anyting else, but Iam not a cheat or crook and trying to operate obove or beyond the law.I have come to all of you for help and thanks to the ones that have offered. We need to help each other or we will be setting home watching TV and wondering what happen if we don't work together.
  13. Thanks guys for any help. This all started last year when the BLM came around to all claim holders they could find working with new rules. We was to remove all and I mean ALL equipment from our workings if we left for any time over a week. We was allowed to leave the Griz if we put it over in a hole that no one could see but if we left for any time over 2-3 weeks we was to remove it. No camping on our claims unless it was in a 14 day limit area and then only for the 14 days. There is alot more we all are facing and not just down here. Thanks again for any help or leads
  14. We do have recording of him telling that he makes the rules. He would like to see all minning gone. They have started clearing areas of structures and filling mine holes or putting cages over the mine holes. He changes his story every meeting. I met one of the BLM people out in the desert as he was making plans to clean up an area and he was all smiles as he told us that now they have money and the work is starting. We always try to be nice to these people but it is getting hard to do. We are planning to contact congress. We just need to have some guidelines as the paperwork is correct and been delivered 3 times and rejected for no good reason. Thanks guys and do any one know of an enviromental consutant that is good with this type of projects.
  15. We are beginning to have a problem in southwest Az. I and a friend are trying to get permission to work and stay on a full time claim with equipment and have been on the claim for 4 years. Have filed all papers and ready to pay bond and all we get is rejection and told that he makes the rules and the minning law is worthless. We need a lawyer very soon. Before long all we will be able to do is set home and watch Gold Fever. Please help, Thanks