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  1. Hi All This link was posted on another forum, so in the interest of all those that chase "GOLD", what an awesome insight into the "Potential" of prospecting in North Queensland. These guy's are "Professionals" & put in the hard work to make it pay!!! It contains some great footage, awesome views & some great information to the Detector operator. A must view in my opinion!!!!! cheers & enjoy. Lee
  2. Hi All ????????? What benifits are to be gained by running a lower Gain level, I have been running it flat out . cheers Lee
  3. Hi Ray Many thanks for taking the time to write up the settings you use and some info on your findings in regards the display, I know this will help me and many others to have a better understanding of this unit, my only problem is that I don't get out enough with it, I tend to use the SD2200d but they both have their place. once again, thanks Lee
  4. Hi Ray I also have a GB pro, I haven't used it much. Do you mind giving us all an in depth description of your setup what coil you use, if you look for anything in particular on the display, any tricks at all that you have picked up? because MAN you are just smashing those little ones & I believe we can all learn something from you, way to go Ray. thanks Lee
  5. Hi All I recently did a week long detecting trip with the Townsville Metal Detecting Club, we had a total of 24 members on the trip. On the second day I took my mate Greg to a spot where I found a 4 g nugget last year the grass in this particular spot was over 1 metre high last year so I wasn’t able to work it well at all, this year the cattle had done their work & the grass was less than half a metre or better in spots, I showed Greg the exact spot I found the nugget which was at the bottom of a gentle slope ( Greg had only found 1 nugget @ .6 of a gram last year) I suggested to Greg that any where on this slope is worth a real good look, so I left him at it and I started to detect of in a Westerly direction, after about half an hour I heard Greg calling me so I made pretty quick time back to where he was, as I got to where he was he held out his hand & dropped 1 nugget of about 2 g & a specimen with about 1 g in it, into my hand congratulations said he showed me the spot’s they came from. We worked out a plan to work this area, Greg would work the lower area where he picked up the nuggets I would work the higher sections, it wasn’t long & Greg had another target I said to him before you dig it let me test the signal with my detector so I did & got a better signal than what he got, I was using an SD2200d with a 20” NF mono coil & a Little Ripper wireless battery + booster, speaker combo, Greg uses an Extreme & a 14 x 9 “ NF mono, standard battery with a lucky lark speaker booster (the boost switch is not working). We worked the spot for the rest of the day, Greg got 5 for the day & I got zip, the higher area on the slope the grass was more of a problem. The plan for the following day was to go back to this spot & borrowed an 8” mono coil to see if there was anything smaller about, so I started in the area where Greg found the specci & moved up to the area where the first one came from, right next to one of his dig holes I got a signal & pulled out a .7 of a gram my first for the trip “Cool”, there seemed to be a definite line across the top of this little patch so I worked along this line and pulled out 3 more little nuggets 2 @ 1.5 g each, nothing was found above the line I mentioned. Greg learnt a bit of a lesson when it comes to dig every sound when you are on gold, as he watched me check the area with the 8” mono I got a slight murmur I removed the grass & rechecked this signal now it was a definite dig me signal & out came a .7 of gram, Greg said he got a noise like that the day before and walked away from it as he thought it was ground noise, so he checked one of the area’s & pulled out a 2 g nugget, all up we got 10 nuggets/ Specimens, there will be more there for next time as the grass is still a little thick. We did not detect any more gold for the trip. I carry a small gold pan in my backpack & did some sampling of gullies, I found good coarse rough gold in 2 out of 3 sampled we went back to the most impressive gully with my small recirculating sluice & got some good coarse gold, I hpe the photo’s work Cheers Lee
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  7. Hi All I am setting up a recirculating sluice setup with a hopper to hold the dirt/soil, the water flow will be directed at the base of the hopper & will create a self feed system, the hopper will be made to take 2 bucket fulls of dirt, classified to say 4mm ( I will check tailings with a Gold Bug Pro, new aquisition for another post ). The reason for setting this up is so that I can sample the small gullies running into the larger creeks to narrow down the search for patches, I know there is gold about but my limited time in the field requires that I cover all bases, a couple of ours digging sample hole's could lead me to the richest area's quicker. 1. If I make the sluice 600mm x 150mm, how many buckets could I feed through it before cleaning it out?? 2. Say if I sample 1 bucket what sort of values would be considered good ??? 3. 4mm classified would this be the way to go?? Please feel free to make any comments or suggestions so we can all learn something. cheers Lee
  8. Hi Bob Thanks for that info. Any thoughts of doing another trip down under I would love to meet & detect with a legend once again thanks. keep finding nuggets in your Cal adventure as I read every post you make & gain a little more from each one. cheers Lee
  9. Hi Chris Thanks for the reply. This will be used to sample dry creek bed's in our dry season, it may be moist but not wet, The reason for the hopper is that I plan to fill it up, then start the pump which will be on a timer (length of time will be worked out during trials) & let it run through it's cycle whilst I am either digging up more dirt or off detecting, some of the larger creeks that the little gullies run into have been excavated & run through a trommel which paid quite well ( not me ), so I'm thinking the source or nugget patches could be tracked down with a bit of had work & sampling, will also do a bit of work with a small hand post hole digger. I will post photo's once it's setup & i'll have a go at a vid. cheers Happy nuggets to you Lee ps, Chris I recently invested in the, Gold Bug Pro I emailed you about last year, It turned out that Jack Lange, who lives near me imports them now, It cost me $100 out of pocket as I did some Plumbing work for him, I got the best out of that deal, it worked out about the same as you quoted me, I would have bought it from you if he didn't come to the deal, as I really appreciated your help, many thanks (I got the 11" too)
  10. Hi Jim Thanks for taking the time to respond, yes the gold here is associated with black sands, one place I hunt has a large amount of ironstone reef workings with high trash levels hence the need for a discriminating VLF,I know I should dig all targets but I need a better use of my limited time on the feilds, once I start getting little nuggets around the workings I will then dig all the targets. cheers hope your year is Golden Lee
  11. Hi Jim Are you saying that generally the higher the phase number the greater the mineralisation (when using a VLF) & would you say that if you pick up an area of higher mineralisation eg phase reading, that it would be a good area to go over with the 2200 ie; higher mineralisation generally greater chances of nuggets about ?? cheers Lee
  12. Hi Jim I own an SD2200 & am looking at getting a GB Pro to compliment the ML, could you further explain what you mean by the phase reading helping with selection of area's to hunt cheers Lee p.s By the way I'm in OZ
  13. Hi Beer Beeper You mentioned the F75 above on the goldfields are you in OZ and have you used it much if so could you give so more info in regards to how you think it handles the soil's in OZ, the descriminator capabilities & will it ping the tiny stuff, thanks Lee
  14. Hi Norm Great to here that things are opening up over there, What is the ground mineralisation like over there, I stick with using mono coils 20" Nugget finder. good luck Lee
  15. Hi Gettingthere Welcome, this is a great site, I am in Australia, I was born in Bulawayo & left there in 1982, what is the situation like over there now ( I know you need to be careful). Tell us more about yourself & the type of gold deposits over there, I would love to hunt my homeland one day, Cheers Lee
  16. Hi Chris, All I'm from North Queensland Australia, I have some questions about the new Gold Bug, Im thinking about a 2nd detector (I have an SD2200d) to detect around old timer diggings (discriminator) & high trash gullies, generally looking for the small specks that may indicate a run of gold or small specimans that the PI wont pick up. Will the gold bug handle the mineralisation here in OZ, the area I work has Ironstone reefs willit handle this type of area. Chris could you give me an idea what the cost is of the unit in OZ $ approx. what coils come with it & what others are availeable. Approx what depths on various size nuggets will it get ( I know this is a hard ???? ). Anyone with some input would be welcomed. cheers Lee ps will this unit suit what im doing & would child learn how to use one easily??
  17. Hi All Would be interesting, I'd be scared to put a pick into the ground (boom )I reckon your target ratio would be 1 million to 1 think about all the shell casings & projectiles from decades of war, cheers Lee
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    Hi BB All It's a big country, you really need to have an idea where you want to go, lots of research to do, accomodation travel etc, I'm in North Queensland & would be prepaired to help out anyone thinking of coming my way cheers Lee
  19. Hi Lucky Thats a great ring, never seen anything like it. Would be good to see how it looks on your hand, so scrub that goldfield dirt of your hands (your out there so much they surely must be stained real good) and take a pic or two. cheers Lee
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    Hi Doug Im in Townsville North Queensland Australia, If your going to Victoria I can't help much but if you make it my way I will help as much as I can, Uncle Ron is heading to Townsville in april & Im organising a trip for him, If I can help let me know. cheers Lee