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  1. bitster98

    New Mexico Gold!

    Nice!!! Mm is great for fines and flakes and occasionally a picker. Gives me inspiration to keep swinging my old extreme!!!!!
  2. bitster98

    Congress lot

    That's called the covenants& restrictions of the sub-division. What's up with that ? You asked. It keeps the sub-division from becoming a trashed out ghetto that would be worth nothing. No hoa fees no property owners association. Joe.
  3. bitster98

    Congress lot

    Jennifer, no flood problems with this one. Lot is on north hillward drive in congress. Nice flat lot, circular gravel drive. One quarter acre lot. Paved streets,neighbors are prospectors on one , side other side is a vacant lot . Land facing west is state land.look at hillward drive on google earth. Look for the lot with circular drive& palm trees on the street side. I will look up the address tomorrow. Joe.
  4. Don't post much here but I'm thinning the herd. Just bought a place in deming Nm. Got a really nice lot in congress az. I need to sell. Lot is in congress on city street has approved septic water&electric are there.nice flat lot sub-division is zoned for manufactured housing/stickes&brickes or.you can live in rv for six months a year.20k obo. No realtor will sell direct. This is a really nice one right in the middle of gold country.joe.
  5. Holy crap!!!!! Wow!!!!
  6. Just to make sure. Even though I have already paid the $155. Maintenance fee to the blm I still have to file a notice of intent to hold with those sweet ladies with the county by the end of the calendar year? Is that correct? And you are correct this can all be very confusing.
  7. bitster98

    whites tdi

    No kidding easy to use detector. Very good detector just read the manual. Imho this is one underrated detector.
  8. bitster98

    Back Finding AZ COPPER

    I know this is a no brainier. Always add acid to water! Never the reverse! You don't want something blowing up in front of your face.
  9. Chris I will be sending a donation in the am to the fund. Ok to send to your Prescott address? Our thoughts and prayers go out to these men's family's and their souls. When tragedies like this happen it puts everything into perspective. Arthur & cheree.
  10. Thanks for the heads up Jim. Been thinking about buying this for a while&your post motivated me to order a copy from Chris. Wish I was in az. Now one more year at the university of Texas and I will be free to do what I really want to do. Prospecting&traveling.
  11. bitster98

    New additicton

    Thanks guys for the info. ESP. Fred I will try those settings&see what I find. I always find something &that's what makes this fun. You never know what your going to dig up! Right now the beach is saturated with water only about an inch of dry stuff on top. I am thinking about the sand shark unfortunaly right now I got to build kitchen cabinets for our new house. Again thanks everyone. Joe
  12. I usually just read posts on this forum. Lots of good info here posted by dedicated people. I am hooked on beach hunting. I guess I'm lucky I live an 1/4 mile from it in port aransas Texas. I got to say I'm in envy of you guys on the east coast. Your beachs look clean ! Ours are basiclly a long strip of iron&aluminum covered with sand! Millions of tent stakes& bottle caps. But I follow the creed " if you want treasure you gotta dig a lot of trash". When it's dry I us the ml705& when it's wet the tdi pro. I got to admit I love the tdi! It's simple to use and very effective. I know lots of folks on this forum love the 705 but I find it to be a very user unfriendly detector. If anyone here would like to give some tips on using it on the beach I would really appreciate it. Also if anyone else here is from port a and would like to chat please post. Thanks joe.
  13. bitster98

    gp extreme

    Hey Rhino is this still for sale?