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  1. I want to thank everyone who was able to come to the meeting and everyone who sent emails. We had somewhere around 50 or 60 people there and only a few that were against us. It was a very good showing for us and we had some people driving several hours to attend. Thanks again everyone, Doug.
  2. Thanks we need all the help we can get. Doug.
  3. If anyone can come the meeting time got changed to 6:30 and we're going to be there at 6:00. Thanks, Doug.
  4. We need help here. We got new rules that allow beach mining on our beaches late last fall and now the state parks dept. is calling a meeting in Montesano Wa at the city hall on Feb. 16th at 7pm, mainly at the request of costal groups because they say there was lack of public input before the rules were adopted. They anticipate there will be suggestions to amend the new rules and they're also trying to impose a $150 fee for the now free HPA permit required. We would like to see the rules be put under our existing Gold and Fish rules that now cover the rest of the state and eliminate the HPA permit. If you can't come to the meeting please email Lisa Lantz who is an enviornmental planner for the parks dept. at Lisa.Lantz@Parks.WA.GOV to express support for mining and the boost in tourism for our local depressed economies. Thanks, Doug. PS: Be nice to Lisa as she has been good to us in the past. We've been about 8 years getting our beaches open for mining and we sure don't want to lose what we've gained or have more fees.
  5. I'm also an LDMA member, but like the others have said, try a local club for a year or so first and make sure you like it before jumping in. I enjoy the properties they have but I still belong to a local club and thats where I do most of my prospecting. I do like the LDMA as a base to check out different areas and have a place for home base while there. Doug.
  6. Doug Watson

    Sad News from Helena, MT

    Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends, Doug.
  7. Doug Watson

    Back in Arizona...

    Those old places just make you're mouth water thinking about detecting them. Glad you had a great trip and thanks for sharing it with us. looking forward to more pictures later. Thanks, Doug.
  8. Doug Watson

    Home to my new home in AZ

    Glad you're getting settled in. I was through that area last year for the first time and it sure was beautiful. Good luck and good prospecting. Doug.
  9. That Grimes creek area is beautiful. Was at Charlotte Creek where it runs into Grimes creek last summer. I bet it was cold, but some nice gold. Thanks for sharing, Doug.
  10. Doug Watson

    Happy B-Day Terry S.!

    Man, been away from the site for a little while and everybodys older and all the golds been got. A late happy birthday Terry. Doug.
  11. It's sure nice to have great people to help out. Great gold too. Doug.
  12. Doug Watson

    Gold Basin Nuggie

    Thats sure a beautiful piece. Way to go, Doug.
  13. Doug Watson

    Desert Gold

    Great pics and great gold make a great vacation. Thanks for sharing. Doug.
  14. Boy, talk about talent! Nice! Doug.