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  1. Wow, that is a big coil, Chris how much does that thing weigh? LOL I guess large specimens aren’t worth much down under. That stack sure looks good though. CH
  2. Looking forward to the training. Thanks CH
  3. Hey Chris, just thinking about the training on the new GPX5000 I bought this Spring? When is the best time to do it ? When do you have time or a class for it this fall? I have never hunted in AZ. so this should be a fun trip. I hope to do some real hunting this winter and next spring. Thanks CH
  4. Hi Chris got the detector today. Boy is it nice! Thank you for the great deal and the nice hat and the DVD. That will help get me up to speed faster for sure. Again thank you for the great deal and wonderful service. I know I will enjoy it. CH
  5. Thanks Mike, looking forward to getting it, and using it VBG CH
  6. Gee Chuck sorry about snatching your birthday present. I been looking for just this very detector for about a month. Looks like I’ll have it for the spring trip out to Rye patch. Never really found much out there with either the 4000 or the TDI. Dug a lot of holes out there but never any of that Rye patch gold I have a birthday next mouth myself. Again sorry CH
  7. Yahoo i just gave Chris my debit card for the purchase of the that smoking deal on the never used GPX5000 in the classifieds. I have to say Chris has great service and is great to work with. I also picked up a 12” nugget finder round Evo for it. For the really fine gold here. I don’t think I ever had so good of a purchase as I have had with Chris. Great guy very knowledgeable and friendly. What a pleasure. Thank you Chris for all you do, and going the extra mile. CH Perdue
  8. ColoradoGoldMan

    For sale Whites GMT

    New deal I'll Pay shipping to Lower 48. CH
  9. No longer available Thanks CH
  10. ColoradoGoldMan

    Saying Hello

    Welcome April, and may the bottom of your pan always be yellow. Keeper Swinging CH
  11. ColoradoGoldMan

    keene 151 drywasher

    Hi AZDave What are the terms? Will you ship it? Payment type? will you take PayPal? Thanks CH
  12. I want to thank all the Vets, who have walked the line and protected this great nation. To those who have given blood and some times life to insure that America remains a beacon of freedom and liberty. I thank you and God Bless you all. CH
  13. ColoradoGoldMan

    H-Bday Chris G

    Happy Birthday Chris and many more. Keeper Swinging CH
  14. ColoradoGoldMan

    Scorpion Rock

    Hey Patrick Cool rock! Maybe the tail was pointing to a treasure. Maybe a lost gold mine. Keeper Swinging CH
  15. Hi Laguna I will plug the Whites TDI Pro PI. It can be used for Gold, Relics and Coin/Jewelry, in amy location in the world. Hot rocks don't effect the TDI and you can hunt under power lines, urban area beeches and high EMI areas. Places where Minelabs are useless. It will produce about 85% of the raw depth of any Minelab PI and at 10 micro sec delay will find the bread and butter small gold that a top GPX will find for less than 1/5 the price. You will not get a warranty with a used Minelab and they cost a lot of money to fix, Whites warranty is tranferable and Whites reapire service is a 1000% better and weeks faster. You can pickup a used for around a 1000.00 dollars on almost any prospecting or Relic forums many times. If I could only have one detector and my budget was limited. The older ML have been used hard most of their life and any thing older than a GP 4000 you may not get it fixed by ML because of the parts supply for the older detectors. ML will not fix any older detector they don't have original parts for, they will not sub newer better parts in older detectors as it may cause a compatibility conflict and the detector will not work to spec. So if you fork over a grand or more and it needs something major repaired then you are SOL Pard. I would only go with a GPX 4000, 4500 or 5000 and only if your ready to put out 1/2 the price to fix it. Speaking from exsperience Good Luck CH