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  1. Looking to buy a 16" Nugget Finder 3-spoke XP phase control coil in good condition. Please send me a PM, I'm not on this site often. Thanks... Terry
  2. Looking for a v-sat in very good cond, preferably with 10" DD coil. Let me know what you got... prefer a PM as I'm not often on this site. Thanks... Terry
  3. No ! Wait ! You're giving it away ? I'll take it... e-bay will charge you to give it away ! I'll even pay shipping ! Drifter
  4. Hi everyone... looking to buy that dusty V-Sat that's been hanging in your closet for years... or just not being used for whatever reason. You can e-mail me ... spayderanch@yahoo.com Many thanks... Terry
  5. I'll take it Chris ! Also need one of those external speakers. Thanks... please e-mail me.
  6. Spayde Ranch to AZO over... what about those coils Chris ?
  7. Hello everyone... I'm looking for a nice, used NF superlite coil... a round mono 16" or 20" or a 17" eliptical Advantage coil or 17" elip S.L. mono. Please PM me... thanks... Terry
  8. Hi Chris... No, I can't make the gathering this weekend, & since my surgery can't talk on the phone. If you , or any one else who has a coil for sale want to contact me, best to use e-mail : spayderanch@yahoo.com Thanks... Terry
  9. time to move up...selling GPX 4500 w/all standard accessories,plus extra battery. in original box. warranty not transferrable, but i will personally guarantee control box for 6 mo. after sale. power cord, headphones & 11" DD new, unused. $3,500.firm. or will sell extra battery seperate. $3250. for detector, $250 for battery, free ship USA. call terry, 541.890.0432.
  10. hey guys ! looking to buy N.F. superlight(not advantage) coils : 16" round mono, 17" eliptical mono & 20" round mono. good used condition. what can you spare ? give me a call @ 541.890.0432. thanks, terry.
  11. WTB... N.F. 16" S.L. mono. please call terry @ 541.890.0432. thanks !
  12. drifter

    Want to Buy

    hi, billy, if paul doesn't take the 12x15 mono for $210., I will. pm me, thanks, Drifter.
  13. drifter

    Want to Buy

    hi, congress...man, guy on e-bay is selling 10 of these coils @ $210. per. Drifter.
  14. there are still opportunities here in s.e. az for some good relic hunting. if you have a clean, low miles explorer 2 catching dust, give me a call. drifter. 541.890.0432
  15. hey you guys! gold now seems to becoming the global de-facto currency. more upside here i think. will trade nice nuggets at spot, or cash for a good used gold bug 2. what have you got? spayderanch@yahoo.com or 541.890.0432. thanks, Drifter.
  16. hey, guys! i'll be hunting no. nevada soon with gp3500 & 16" SL mono. want to lose the headphones & go to harness mount speaker w/booster. what is THE combo? where can i get it? don't want threshold interference. thanks & happy nuggets to you! Drifter.
  17. many thanks for the input, gentlemen! i called chris this afternoon & ordered the ingredients for headphone-free hunting. i believe there's a time & place for either option, but heading into hot weather i'd sure like to wear my big straw hat! Gold hit $1200. today, let's get off our butts & go get some. Nevada, here i come! Drifter.
  18. thanks, flack, i'll take it. please e-mail or call for details. spayderanch@yahoo.com or 541.890.0432
  19. hi guys, does anyone have a NF 16" SL mono they can live without for a price? i need one to run with my gp3500 in nevada this spring. priced at $250. would suit my budget. ill pay shipping. thanks, Drifter.
  20. hi, flak,thanks for the reply on NF coil. please e-mail me with price & details, or call @ 541.890.0432. thanks, drifter.
  21. hi there! i have avery good used nf 20" s.l. mono for $350. shipped. drifter.