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  1. Yep, pretty clever is old Frank! I've been using a proto type "Bat Pak" the next generation of his Lucky Lark battery for just under 2 years now on my 5000 and love it. I think with the LL you ordered it in either 4 or 5 pin but the BP has both and a voltage select switch.
  2. Yeah, but not just a gender changer, it changes the voltage aswell
  3. Hi Doc, another option possibly worth investigating, is one of these: This gadget was a prototype made by Frank Horvath in Perth Australia. As you know, Frank made the Lucky Lark battery system. It's a 4 pin to 5 pin voltage converter, allowing the use of GPX style batteries on earlier machines that used dome top batteries. Cheers, Steve
  4. Well done! Remember when the SDC hit the shelves and all the armchair experts slammed it as an over priced toy? Half have now gone back and deleted thier posts and gone out and bought one!
  5. I wish I hadn't logged in, then I wouldn't have read this I've sat and read this over and over and I still can't seem to process it. I had the pleasure of spending a couple of months camping with Kelly over the last 2 years which I will treasure for the rest of my time. Large in statue, with a laugh, a personality and a presence to match. What a true gentleman. Talented to boot! He was poet, a singer and song writer, a joker, a story teller and even with his dodgy knees we even saw him dance. He was a master panner. Linc and I always said that if we could pan like Kelly, we'd throw our mercury away. On the tours Kelly would pan off every ones specimens. He loved it, and every one loved watching him. Always a crowd with Kelly in the middle. He loved his detecting. Some mornings I'd have to help him out of bed and put his socks and shoes on, he was obviously in pain. But he'd go all day, longer than many half his age and twice as fit. Then every night around the fire it was tales of prospecting in Alaska, bears, trapping bobcats, his mate Boo-Coo and his time with the GPAA. Often he'd spoil us with a song. Kelly, I'll treasure the memories, our friendship and my copper and silver nuggets. Sleep well mate! Steve
  6. Many thanks Doc, I look forward to one hitting our shores. Final question if you're able, who's your Aussie distributor? Just so I can pop them an email to let me know when they're in. Cheers1
  7. Hi Doc, any idea of a price including postage to Australia? Cheers, Steve
  8. Thanks Miss Jen, actually been a member here since 2010 but forgot I was a member. Hey Kelly! good to hear from you and I'll pass on your regards to them both. they're out prospecting at the moment and I'm watching camp. When they return, I'll head out. Don't believe all you hear and read re the coils vs 7000 and 7000 vs 5000 etc...especially on some of the Aussie forums. A lot of waffle and miss information floating about. It seems anyone in or asscociated with the industry, that thier word can't be trusted and their findings are false. I basically had it put to me that that nugget find was a lie and just a sales pitch for NF. I still haven't fully mastered my 5000 and I've had 3 of them since day 1. I never mastered my 2 4500's either. How anyone can master the 7000 in the short time it's been out is beyond me, or maybe I'm just slow??? I will say though, i'll be buying the 17 x 13 and retiring my old 14 round. cheers! steve
  9. Thanks Mike! re: the name, my last name is Fisher. I grew up being called all things fish. Fishhead, flathead, mulletguts etc... Thankgod Tuna stuck as some of the others weren't too flattering. The mad part came about later in life from how I got some scars, broken bones aswell as the placement of a rather embarrassing tattoo. Cheers! Steve
  10. Took the 14" EVO for a run a couple of weeks ago. First target was a nice 38gr piece at a measured 16 inches. Will add a photo as soon as I work out how to here. I've had a 14" Advantage since they were released as my general purpose coil. The EVO was noticeably quieter and more stable.