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    February Prospectors Outing

    THANKS BUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. i'm a Congress...man

    AZO Outing 2012 Round-Up

    WOW....food and friends!!!!! 2012 I had a great time there this Saturday and got to go out with the 4500 Sunday. Found my quota of boot tacks and bullets....lolol... The best part of the trip for me is the cameraderie of the group, i have always maintained that this is the "true" gold of the outings, and the companionship of the group in general. I really was blessed to be able to put some faces to names and even meet some new friends. I would be remiss if I didnt give one special example of the goodness of the people I have met in the prospecting circle, [and continue to meet], in this "prospectors fraternity"--- I say this to specifically thank, "driller dave" from CA publicly. Back in October 2011, I sold my equipment so I could finance a mission trip to Fiji as a nurse dental assistance to the northern villages in northern Fiji..... After i returned, i moved to Texas to keep my elderly father company. It wasn't long before i started go into withdrawal symtons for "non-swinging syndrome"----- I posted a plea on Rob's forum for someone to loan me a VLF to relic hunt to ease my , "particular symptoms," --Not knowing what to expect, a man called, "drillerdave" immediately stepped up to the plate and offered me his MXT!!! He has repeatedly told me to enjoy it~~~~~ with one stipulation,, that i send him pictures of my finds! That is easy because we all love to show off our treasure, right. Anyway this is just one example of how people in this fraternity have helped me along from a newbie to a 2 year "veteran" lolol...and the outings just remind me how blessed we all are to have each other as friends. I know many of you have the same kinds of stories and I for one would love to hear them. Thank you Chris and all of AZO!!!!,,,,, and Bunk---thanks for the beans! God bless you all ! paul LOLOLOL
  3. i'm a Congress...man

    AZO Outing 2012 Round-Up

    Great job Robert! Nice to meet you all there!! paul
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  5. i'm a Congress...man


    Thanks Chris, They did! Hope you are having a great year.... i am missing it,,, moved to TX to be with my dad....but that is golden itself!!! I did get permission to hunt arrowheads on about a zillion sections of Texas panhandle land tho.... so i will be back out walking starting tomorrow!!!! Have fun! paul
  6. I have a red 2000 model Kawasaki Prairie 400 4wd auto... for sale. (2500),,or trade.???... 375 hrs and 3092 miles i can take a pic later if you interested... i need a Keene 151.... and other desert stuff.. my claim is relativel flat so i dont need the wheel... I only rolled it once, on a fine evening on Rich Hill, going to steep! It did fine, much better than me, i was lain to rest in the biggest prickly pear you have ever seen, even blacked my eye, and stuck stickers everywhere still sqeezing out cacti 8 months later.... That's why Miner Diggins' still calls me, "Prickly Paul" The highbanker can go too, i am busy with a pick and shovel for awhile and there aint no water out there!!!
  7. Hi y'all, I usually lurk over on Rob's but thought I would post this over here too. 2100v2........900.00 FIRM GP EXTREME ........1500.00 FIRM Thanks. Paul
  8. Sorry steve, I didn't know you wanted one too!....wow...you, lucky, me and a few others wanting this coil all the sudden....what gives???

  9. i'm a Congress...man

    Want to Buy

    Hey drifter, I got one from Rob A......go ahead and get the one from billy, it a good deal! And sorry I did't respond back quicker to you Billy, thanks everyone.....these coils must be good I have seen 5 sell in the last week!
  10. i'm a Congress...man

    Want to Buy

    Thanks Drifter I saw those, too, but I won't buy anything off ebay that has to do with minelab....too many crooks! Rob had a good price on them.....and I know where he lives! Lol Paul
  11. i'm a Congress...man

    A Brand New AZO Outback!

    Looks great...easy to manuver....
  12. i'm a Congress...man

    Want to Buy

    looking to buy a 12 x 15 Commander mono coil w/cover.....anyone have one in the closet or laying around somewhere??? paul
  13. i'm a Congress...man

    One more day in Arizona

    Hey Bob, Sorry I missed you here in AZ but I will see you the end of Oct when i come thru on my way to AK. You got a good crew to help you get settled in over there in CA. See you soon! PS Leave something for me....please...
  14. i'm a Congress...man

    1 oz Member's Only Rings