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  1. nugget108

    Couple of Ounces!

    Very nice!
  2. Holy cow!! Its huge!
  3. Happy 4th of July everyone. God Bless America!
  4. nugget108

    Back from Mexico!

    Thats great Chris. Looks like you had a great time with the family. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Welcome back Chris, cant wait to see the photos.
  6. Remember those who have fallen for us. Without their brave actions, we would not have the freedom and things we all enjoy. Thank you to you all, past and present.
  7. Exactly Chris! They hammer on the good people that just want to enjoy the history of the peice. My boys love finding the old relics and rusty stuff. It goes in our yard, or on display in the house where all of our friends and family can admire them. We have several conversations a year over them like " I wonder what the person was like that used this, or if this relic could talk, what would we learn". To me that is preserving our history, and people get to enjoy it and talk about it and even touch something that they may have never seen before. In my eyes, its ours, not the BLMs or Forest Services.
  8. Thought the antiquities law was 100 years not 50? Thats awesome Chris, thanks for sharing.
  9. Awesome Chris. Way to keep our hobby rolling through the generations. Kudos to you bud.
  10. What a cool relic. Looks good!
  11. Beautiful chunks! Congratulations to the finder.
  12. Congratulations.
  13. Wow!!! What a chunk.
  14. Thats crazy Chris. Looks like our neck of the woods here in northern Nevada. I have 2 plus feet in my yard. Stay warm down there.