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    chasing the elusive gold nugget, hunting, fishing and all things outdoors.
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  1. nugget108

    Chris Gholson

    He's a great feller.
  2. nugget108

    Gold from the caliche

    Nice nuggie Chris.
  3. nugget108

    New Forum Upgrade

    Forum looks great Chris. And happy Easter to you and your family.
  4. nugget108

    Headed Home

    Nice collection. Good job
  5. Very nice piece, congratulations.
  6. Very nice nuggets. Congratulations to your friend.
  7. Oh man that is nice! Thanks for sharing.
  8. nugget108


    Great pics and GREAT gold. Thanks for sharing with us. Dan
  9. nugget108

    A Golden New Year!

    I love that 15 inch EVO. Great job Chris and Happy New Year to you too.
  10. nugget108

    A good day out

    Very cool. Nice nuggets.
  11. That is a sweet coil Luke. Great looking nuggies too. Dan