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  1. nugget108


    Happy fathers day Chris.
  2. Sounds like it was a great trip.
  3. nugget108

    Chris Gholson

    He's a great feller.
  4. nugget108

    Gold from the caliche

    Nice nuggie Chris.
  5. nugget108

    New Forum Upgrade

    Forum looks great Chris. And happy Easter to you and your family.
  6. nugget108

    Headed Home

    Nice collection. Good job
  7. Very nice piece, congratulations.
  8. Very nice nuggets. Congratulations to your friend.
  9. Oh man that is nice! Thanks for sharing.
  10. nugget108


    Great pics and GREAT gold. Thanks for sharing with us. Dan
  11. nugget108

    A Golden New Year!

    I love that 15 inch EVO. Great job Chris and Happy New Year to you too.
  12. nugget108

    A good day out

    Very cool. Nice nuggets.
  13. That is a sweet coil Luke. Great looking nuggies too. Dan
  14. Very nice Chris. Looks like you had a great time.
  15. I just bought the GPX handle assy and installed it on my Gp Extreme. I had to cut the Smart Point plug off and strip the wires back, but it was super easy and worked great. I purchased the assy from Chris. I believe it was 125 bucks.
  16. Crazy. I wonder what they are calling a "Machine gun".
  17. Thats cool Dean. Keep us posted.
  18. Dean, My son found a large cent up here where we hunt and it is smashed also. It had a Indian head penny placed under it and they were smashed together. He only found the Large cent though. I beleive some kids layed them on the ore cart track. Like we do today on railroad tracks. Cool find.
  19. It was pretty cool up here in Northern Nevada. Not that covered but there was only a tiny sliver left of the sun. Couldnt get any cool pics through the welding helmet but it did make some weird designs through the trees on to the side of the house. Almost looks like a camo pattern.