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  1. We had about 30 inches here in Payson. I grew up in Prescott and have lived in Az. 52+ years and this was the most snow I have seen in over 20 years. Very impressive amount of snow in the amount of time it snowed for sure. We certainly need it. Should be some serious increase in reservoirs this spring. We'll take all we can get. However, keep your eyes on the future. We are going to have very warm weather this week and possible rain in higher elevations this weekend. If we get rain up on the Mogollon Rim with all the snow that is currently up there, we will see significant flooding in the valleys below. All the creeks up here at intermediate elevations are all rising and running fairly high now as the snow is melting fast. I won't have time myself, but the next couple weeks should open up dredging opportunities for those in the know on some normally dry washes in Az. Could be a fun time and I wish I had time to participate. Dennis

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  3. Nice to see a metal detecting show finding nuggets. Not too much drama so much more enjoyable. Two thumbs up from me. Dennis
  4. Unfortunately this is what we have to deal with every May and June these days in Az. Since the environmentalists Spotted Owl hoax, some 35+ years ago, put a stop to all logging and common forestry practices, like control burning in this state. So much of Az. is severely over grown and very volatile. Our weather patterns of mostly drought conditions has only multiplied the severity. The state has fought back since the Rodeo/Chediski fire and there are some thinning and control burning being done again, but only in certain areas and not enough is being done fast enough, partially because of limited resources. Areas like the Goodwin fire that had burned many years ago, are so overgrown with scrub and Manzanita that even deer can't get through it. Adding to the natural problems are people that don't care and do stupid things like throwing cigarettes out car windows and driving on flat tires. Even dragging safety chains on trailers throw sparks and start fires on a regular basis along our highways. This holiday weekend, highway 87 was temporarily closed no less than 5 times due to brush fires started by anything from flat tires to car fires and accidents. The fact is that Arizona is a tinder box during the month of June and even a piece of broken glass in the brush can start a fire if the sun hits it at just the right angle. This is an opportunity for our federal government to create jobs and fix this problem at the same time by getting the Forest Service back into the forestry business. We need to go back to work in our national forests to do more thinning and control burning in the cooler wetter months. Our natural renewable resources are going to waste for no good reason. It's time for change. Dennis
  5. LOL, you missed Aprils fools day by a couple weeks, LOL. Dennis
  6. Not to mention the fact that the hill would likely be covered in dozer shrapnel from the original construction. Now I am not positive, but that bedrock looks like schist in the picture. I can't imagine any competent engineer would try to design such a structure over schist. However if that is schist it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why the spillway failed. Dennis
  7. I have only bench tested mine. Seems to work fine with 2300, 4500, and GB2. I use Rattler headphones. Dennis
  8. Mike, I would have to agree usually. Circumstances like temperature and maybe an empty stomach can change any snakes attitude though. The one I destroyed was, for lack of a better term, acting territorial or being very aggressive. It wasn't going away and I didn't try to mess with it. I was at least 30 ft. away when I came to the top of a waterfall and it was instantly buzzing and focused in my direction. I usually leave snakes alone and give them a wide berth, but this situation had to be dealt with. Dennis
  9. I had to kill a particularly aggressive Mohave last year outside of Payson. Only one I have seen up here. Hope I never see another with such an attitude. Didn't need a firearm though. It got a rock grave !! We had a diamondback sleeping under a tree recently, same situation as yours. That snake of course is still alive since it wasn't wanting to hurt us. Dennis
  10. Such gorgeous specimens. Dennis
  11. IMPDLN


    Lynx is great place for sure. Even though that creek has been turned over many times in the past 100+ years, there is still great gold coming out of there for those that know how and where to look.Good work, Dennis
  12. IMPDLN


    Awesome chunk of some very rich ore for sure. Definitely shows you what the vein was like. Vuggy quartz with iron banding and limonite,,,,,,nice stuff for sure. Congratulations on a wonderful find. Dennis
  13. Bill S. says $9,999.00 us Ron.
  14. OMG, I guess they don't want any blue collar workers to buy one of these. $10,000 is a lot of money. That GPS system better have a low jack type system built into it for that kind of money. You'll have to chain that sucker to your ankle when camping to keep it from disappearing in the middle of the night. I hope you can get an insurance policy on these new machines to protect your investment. Dennis