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  1. Wishbone

    Weekend Bradshaw Drive

    Hi Chris, Thanks for the photos It's always nice to join you on your expeditions into gold country. Chris I know what you mean about the hassle of dealing with trash when you know there's gold in an area you're hunting. I personally enjoy those areas as I know that most nuggetshooters become frustrated and give up, just as I also did at one time If you've never tried mastering and using the Gold Bug 2, I strongly recommend it Oh yes, you'll still dig some trash but nowhere near what you'd have to dig with your PI's and almost all VLF's. The White's GMT is another good one for this particular use and will punch down a little deeper for those pieces the GB 2 won't quite reach and I use it also. Thanks again for taking us along on your trips I really enjoy them and look forward to your next one. Wishbone (George-NM)
  2. "HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY" Chris. from Las Cruces, New Mexico Wishbone (George-NM)
  3. AWESOME!!!! Thanks Sqaolson Wishbone
  4. Howdy Chris, Great to see the whole crew of experts doing their thing out there in that beautiful desert of Arizona. Please put me down for both videos. First choice would be the DVD but I'll take tapes. Thanks to all of you for this great presentation Wishbone (New Mexico-USA)
  5. G'Day Russ. I've found life to be a lot easier under the circumstances you just described if I carry my little Joey Elliptical Mono along. I simply turn off my detector, unplug my big coil and plug in my little Joey coil. Turn on the detector with my little Joey in my hand, butt in the air, head in hole and pinpoint that sucker. That little joey has incredible depth and it is easy to pinpoint with it. Try it, you'll like it Wishbone
  6. "WOW" What an eye popper that nice hunk of gold presents Chris, thanks for posting that beauty and congratulations to the very lucky (and I suspect, skilled) finder billyBubb, I know somewhat how you feel about never being lucky enough to find a piece of gold that big!! However, allow me to say first off, NO, I've never found one anywhere near that big either and I've been at it steady, on weekends, holidays and vacations for the last 8 1/2 years and absolutely love nuggetshooting. billyBubb, it's out there and I have absolutely no doubt that I'll nail it if I ever walk over it and you would too, given time plus the skill we acquire every time we go out. There is absolutely no guarantee that you "WON'T" find a piece that large or even larger while in the field in a gold bearing area, even in an area that's been hammered. There can be so many reasons others walked over it (or around it) and don't hear it. Maybe because they had a coil that was too small OR too large for a particular sized nugget that was down there. Their hearing wasn't as good as yours or even the wrong type detector. The list goes on and on and on. So what I'm saying is YES you can find gold like that, you just have to be in the field and have the right combination of everything for that particular moment in time and "BINGO" it's yours my friend Now there IS a guarantee I can make you or anyone else that wants one and that is "I'll guarantee you that you will NEVER find that dream piece of gold with your detector if you don't swing it". I'll get off my soap box now but its all been for you and those that don't believe. Thanks for letting me bend your ear. Here's wishing you the very best out there billyBubb and all the other dreamers (like myself), you too can find it. "MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all" Wishbone - NM
  7. Wishbone

    New Product Review

    Hi Chris, Thanks for sharing that with us Looks like it will do the job for sure. Jonathon had some good pointers he added about watching the tongue weight etc. however I'd like to ad that in the video I think the gentleman stated that the ATV's weight is on the hitch and NOT on the tailgate. The bouncing up and down weight of the ATV is held solidly in place by the secured ball so there is no downward weght other than whats already on the tailgate to start with OR am I missing something here Thanks again Chris Wishbone (George-NM)
  8. Aurifero, THAT was an interesting post you submitted No matter how much one learns and knows, there always seems to be someone out there that has an interesting slant on things That post leaves me thinking "Hmmmm"!!! Thanks!! Wishbone (NM, USA)
  9. G'Day Darren, This is an over simplification for sure but I would put it this way. The Lobo ST majors in gold but has a minor in coin & relic. the MXT has a major in coin & relic with a minor in gold Wishbone
  10. Wishbone

    Hey Chris

    G'day Shep, Sounds like you have a plan Wish I could be there for the fun. Am looking forward to your report on how it worked and all the fun and gold that was found. I can just hear all the BS'n around the campfire right now Wishbone (George- NM)
  11. Wishbone

    Hey Chris

    Howdy Shep, Just can't stand it so here goes First off I'm green with envy about your upcoming trip to Rye Patch Always wanted to go there and try my luck. I too think a big coil and covering a lot of ground is the way to go in that area Doc has those "Swingy Thingy" contraptions and they work great Dragging that sucker behind your ATV sounds like the way to go also except for one thing!! That one thing is an expert "professional" prospector whom I have the utmost respect for when it especially comes to nuggetshooting I don't know if you've ever heard of a person by the name of "Chris Hake"? He has years of professional nuggetshooting under his belt and I've attached an article written by him about sledding(dragging) a coil behind you and how it works, OR not Please read this article if you get the chance 'BEFORE' you go but what ever you do "Here's wishing you the greatest of success at Rye Patch" This article is located on Doc's web site and I believe he would feel it's ok to post this attachment so here goes. By the way, scroll down to the first article at the bottom of the page when you get there. http://www.kamakazi.com/hake/index.html Wishbone
  12. Howdy Wltdwiz, Looks to me like you have your "HOT WEATHER" detecting, solved That sure looks nice and cool. If ya get a little too warm you've got instant relief Nice finds you're showing too. Wishbone
  13. Wishbone

    Getting it ALL

    Howdy Paratrooper, There's a lot of that so called small gold out there my friend and what a blast it is finding it too I never get tired of finding those .1 & .2 dwt. size pieces for my jewelry business. Finding that small stuff is really great for satisfying those withdrawal symptoms we all suffer with from time to time, especially after looking for that "Bigger stuff, deeper" To hunt for the smaller stuff, I have two machines. I can use the XT18000 in the 60Khz setting with the 6" round coil OR the Gold Bug 2 with the 6.5" elliptical coil. If the ground is highly mineralized, I'll use the XT18000 because it handles the ground better and is nice and quite, relatively speaking. If the ground is mildly to moderately mineralized, I'll use the Gold Bug 2 because it does better than the XT18000 and will leave precious little behind. Also, I use the Gold Bug 2 in really trashy( ferrous) areas to nuggetshoot because of it's good discrimination feature and it kicks butt. The PI's flounder under these conditions. Hope this opinion helps. Take care and have fun out there Tom Wishbone (George-NM)
  14. Wishbone

    Eureka gold

    Howdy 1Dredger, I think it's a Minelab 6" round coil you're talking about. I have one I use on my XT18000 and it's a deadly coil for smaller gold and I don't mean pinhead size stuff either. However being a small coil it's not suited for big stuff down deep. There's a hell of a lot of smaller stuff to be found though and that's the coil you want. It will work on all the XT's but NOT on the Eureka Gold for some reason. The 6" coil is a rare bird to find nowadays but I'll bet there's one out there for you if you look hard enough. Good luck in your quest Just wish I could help more. Wishbone
  15. Hi Lanny, Thank you for taking us on this wonderful gold detecting adventure You have such a flair for painting a mental picture with your words and it's so much fun looking over your shoulder as you go about sniffing out those nuggets What a thrill Wishbone (George-NM)