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  1. El Dorado

    Gold is Gold

    Excellent find
  2. Gus, I think you could find gold with a frisbee taped to the end of a broomstick!
  3. El Dorado

    More Gold

    I really like the in-situ pic, reminds me of dredging
  4. El Dorado

    2003 Rokon Scout

    I have seen this Rokon and it is just like new.......
  5. I am not buying right now, But check with Gus at Naturalgoldtrader.com
  6. El Dorado

    Sawtooth trip...

    Bring some fire wood if ya can. A campfire this time would be great, We will bring some.
  7. El Dorado

    ol stuff

    Looks like it's going to be a fantastic get to gether..... Hope you and Heather do make it
  8. Yup, but for his BBQ'd Coos Bay Oysters!
  9. The latest version 10.0. I ended up wit two of these. It's brand new and still in the wrapper. Will work with 32 or 64 bit operating system. It's a very powerfull mapping program that has satellite, USGS topo, capabilities. Best internet price is about $70, I will sell for $60 including shipping...... PRICE DROP..........SOLD
  10. El Dorado

    Sweet Specimen!

    Sweet is putting it mildly.......thanks for sharing
  11. El Dorado

    Neat Specimen

    Big problem with arsenopyrite in slabs for jewelry...it is very brittle
  12. El Dorado

    Neat Specimen

    Digger Bob hit it right... arsenopyrite.
  13. Bob (and Betsy), camping and nugget hunting with you will always be amongst some of my finest prospecting memories. Best of luck in your new adventures and I sure hope to see that convertible in our driveway sometime.
  14. What a great time and a great group of folks that attended. A giant thanks to Ray... he is the Man!
  15. El Dorado

    Pretty AU

    Gus... That nugget is top shelf! How about a spring trip out to NV ? I have some new areas to show?
  16. El Dorado

    A Very Nice Specimen

    Wow, another amazing piece.......
  17. Mike F. has it right, but that Sadie sure has been good to me.
  18. Kind of like back in the day when new model cars would be coming out. They were delivered to the dealers concealed and the dealers would keep them covered till the great unveil day. Not a word leaked out until the curtains were pulled.