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  1. Thanks for the info' Frank. Sad indeed:-( Nick
  2. Pick a date and I'll be there if at all possible. Thanks Mike. Nick
  3. Wow! I was shocked to see this post. I met Kelly a couple years ago at the Quartzsite AZO outing and we spent a couple of days together after an AZO outing at Gold Basin. Enjoyed talking with him about prospecting, trapping, Australia, and Alaska. I was looking forward to many more outings with Kelly and had hoped to one day get down and look for copper with him. Very entertaining man and I'll miss spending time with him. Any idea what happened?
  4. AlaskaNick

    garrett atx

    Bill, This may be too late for you, but I had the same issues with boots. Here's a link to the ones I ended up with. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003CC07RY/ref=twister_B003CC07LA I've got 10 EEE feet and after buying a new set of hunting boots seems like every year I lived in Alaska(20 years) I never did find any that didn't kill my feet. These are the most comfortable ones I've ever owned in addition to being non-metallic. Click on the fourth picture down on the left and you'll see they have a built in vent. So just don't plan on using them in a wet area, but for the desert they are great. Good luck. Nick
  5. AlaskaNick

    garrett atx

    Great story. Thanks Chris/Doc. Nick
  6. Eide Automatic Electric Boat Loader with Universal Rack, winch for outboard, and custom built tool box. This is a used unit and is still mounted on a 1999 Dodge 2500 Quad Cab pickup. This is set-up for use when towing a 5th wheel trailer. Rack is adjustable to fit about any truck. Originally came with only a single support in front, but has been beefed up to have three supports. Hand crank winch is homemade and attached to rack for hoisting an outboard out of the custom built tool box. Custom made strap for lifting outboard included. Tool box is wood frame covered in 1/8 " aluminum diamond plate and is lockable. We used this as full-time RV'ers, but have now bought a home and no longer plan to use it. Was used with a 13' 4" Gregor boat and a 15 HP Mercury outboard. Just the rack and loader were over $4,000 new. Asking $1,995 OBO for the whole works. Details can be seen on Eide's site at http://www.boatloade...m/5thwheel.html No scammers. Cash in person only. Thanks
  7. Beatup, I'm at Lake Havasu for a couple more weeks. Let me know when you'll be in Q-town and I might hop down for a day or two. Nick
  8. AlaskaNick

    Incredible Specimen

    Very interesting specimen. Thanks for sharing. Nick
  9. Chris, So sorry to hear of your cousin's passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Nick
  10. Chris, My prayers go out to you and your family. Hope your cousin makes a full recovery. Nick
  11. AlaskaNick


    Ouch!!!! Hey...you better get plastic plates and screws or you'll be sounding off detecting yourself too much;-) Glad you saved that pretty face. Best of luck with a speedy recovery. Nick
  12. AlaskaNick

    7.5 oz Specimen

    For a minute there I thought you'd found the Maine motherload;-) Nick
  13. Congrats and very interesting piece.
  14. Well....mine should at least give you some variety. I too had one that was a real screamer. It sounded more like a metal garbage can lid than a rock. Also have some with specks of something copper colored in it, some with what looks like sedimentary layers(including quartz), some that look like brecciated quartz conglomerate, and they run from barely magnetic(as in attracted to a magnet), to moderately magnetic, to very magnetic. Should keep you off the streets for a little while;-). Can't wait to see what you come up with. Nick