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  1. Get outta my way!!! did somebody say bazoombas??? oh maaan.... ....bummer.
  2. I'd send it up to El Dorado and have it turned into a necklace! Then head back to find another one.
  3. http://www.snopes.com/politics/military/target.asp
  4. Hahaha, your right Mike I think Frank has nailed it !! It's up to the rest of us to keep up.
  5. Right on Bunkster!! You deserve it buddy, I gotta get my copy!!
  6. Can you believe this guy? A full head of hair...and he probably dyes it grey so the rest of us don't feel so bad.... That's good livin Frankie!! Keep up the good work!
  7. Great video Terry I've watched it a dozen times and it never ceases to amaze me!! Who would have evr known that you would have had to license your hound dog in the 1800's. That boggles my mind.
  8. Bucket

    Bunk's New Specie

    :lol: ...No problems finding Bunks truck out in the desert. Great find Bunk buddy!!
  9. Hey Terry, by chance have you ever used the Lobo at the beach? I have...way back when...when my XLT was down and it worked pretty damm well I might add!!
  10. Yea, there is some resemblence there eh Adam? Great pics Frank.
  11. I've always voted GOP...Nov won't be any different for me. If there are any voters still on the fence on this one, let me make it a little easier by saying ...vote for the side that Barney Frank is NOT ON!!!!
  12. Terry....just don't loose the keys!!!!
  13. C'mon Explorer...this is Taxifornia your talking about here, you could show that state a hundred more crystal clear examples like that and they would look at you with that thousand yard stare...call you a racist, a hater, then throw out a few George Bush expletives and write you off as a corporate loving lunatic!! This state is lost and probably for good.
  14. Happy Birthday Buddy!!!
  15. I had a talk with Last Chance Charlie and sure enough they are looking for a part timer, so I guess getting the word out could help. here's his reply to me asking if Mark left. lastchancecharlie Hi Bucket – Basically I heard through Brewer (another guy who invaded the camp) that he, Mark and Dawn were leaving, they did give some notice. I never got a reason from Mark but can suspect some things like he, driven by this brewer character, wanted to be in charge of the camp. The Bickel family and I (and tthe BLM for that matter) were not in agreement with that and…he left. If you check FLCC on facebook and there are links to that on the FLCC website too you’ll see mention. We do have a caretaker there right now, looking for backups to share the burden of finding gold and watching the camp!!! Mark et al are still in the canyon working a claim over in Bonanza. Take care! How’s things with your business? charlie That really is too bad, Mark was a really nice guy, but too much time out in the sticks could play with your head.