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  1. Well if anything they successfully stopped a bunch of average morons from starting a 21st century Alaskan gold rush with their $240,000 expenditure for $20,000 worth of gold.
  2. Actually you do, ya just got to be a loser on the Discovery Channel sugar tit. Those losers went to Alaska to become millionaires or bust! They spent $240,000 to make $20,000. BUSTED! In the real World they would be dead broke and starving, not buying expensive new equipment. Honestly, the 3 Stooges could do a better job of gold prospecting. The second season should be about them living homeless on the streets of Oregon, holding a sign, “Will Work 4 Food.” www.PimpThisBum.com I hope they’re better at panhandling than they are at gold panning! The whole premise of the show was that a bunch of average morons that didn’t know much about gold prospecting could strike out for Alaska and become rich in the 21st century. Well, that didn’t work out too well for these morons… Unless you count the DC gold. I'm sorry Bucket, I should have been there for you man! I didn't realize they got to you and made you drink the Kool-aide.
  3. I guess that means it's OK to go ahead and post our quip one liners?
  4. That's a good one, and which from Discovery channel to Disney channel!
  5. Damn this show is worse than Freddy Krueger, you think its dead and it comes back to get you. Game is over, they lose! They spent their lifes savings $240,000 plus and mined $20,000 gold… They are LOSERS!!! There would be no second season without the fat payday from the Discovery channel! They would all be starved to death, dead! Fatboy Todd winked at the camera last night like hes Gods gift to gold prospecting after they moved tons of earth for two days and came out with 6 oz. of dirty gold. Yeah, hes a real gold prospecting stud… He should write a how-to book. He talked about how much theyve learned, really Todd? Youre still a MORON! He ran out of fuel AGAIN, shut off the water pumps to save fuel??? Then they had to stand around 2 days waiting on the pumps to play catch up… THEN, after standing around with their finger up their butt watching the pumps pump water, they ran out of fuel. Wow, really? And wasted another day waiting on a fuel delivery that should have never came with snow falling! So the last 3 potentially productive days, when they knew they were on the gold, they wasted standing around with their finger up their butt. They wouldnt even have had the 6 in. pump if it wasnt for the old guy that was put in charge by the land owner to watch over them. Or how about the new guy that babied the pumps night and day while the original losers all slept? And then they all had to get in front of the camera and act like they were worried about losing their homes, when they all made more money this year than they ever have in their life, sucking on the discovery channel's sugar tit! A second season, not no, but HELL NO!!!! RANT off!
  6. Yeap, Discovery Ch. paying them more money than they are use to making. Love to be up there, but I'd have to put a boot in somebody's ass.

  7. Well... YEAH! Sign me up! Hey wait a minute, isn't that Clark Kent? Looks like Superman has a kinky side too!
  8. Hey Mike when she told me what group of fellas use that term I just bit the head off a bullet, ate some gun powder and moved on. Bucketman you didn’t miss a thing last night, they found a little gold and screwed up everything they touched, same manure different day. Tank Top season, I thought yer suppose to switch from your detector to binoculars and get there around noon? We’re about to get mugged by the weather next week... In the 70’s. Man, did i hijack this thread or what? Somebody spank me! (That’s a genre joke for this thread)
  9. lazy dudes for sure

  10. Hey Bucket ol’ buddy! Gotta take care of the little lady, show her the ol’ Bucket of fun! :0 I gotta new slogan for grandpa instead of, “No guts no glory!” How about, “No brains no gold!” Yeah, it’s been colder than a well digger’s a__ around here… At least for Texas. Yeah I’m getting old, my daughter laughed at me today when I said Glory Hole, she informed me that in certain communities that term of endearment has a whole different meaning. Til next week, Doc
  11. What's up Bucket! Howdy feller Texans, y'all been sliding on the ice today? We could all have a get-together at the Houston rodeo... And watch K.I.S.S??? Man I must be gettin old. It's almost time for another round of my favorite soap opera. Maybe bubba will shoot papa or something like that to spice up the action.
  12. Beaumont, TX, the Gold-less part of Texas. I have a daughter in Riverside, CA. how far is that from Santee?
  13. Seagrams? Now I know your secret… Bud-lite is too light for the job. Hope ya have a blast in Quartzite, I plan to make it out that way this fall.